WGTS 60th Anniversary

Close to 300 WGTS/Wash DC supporters and fans joined WGTS 91.9 to celebrate its 60th anniversary.  The station chartered the Odyssey for a two-hour cruise on the Potomac River and past the D.C. monuments. On the cruise listeners enjoyed a nice dinner, played “Bible or Not” with afternoon hosts Johnny and Stacey Stone, heard plans for the future from General Manager Kevin Krueger and wrapped up the evening with a concert with Christian artist Jason Gray. Krueger also presented the Kilareski family from Woodbridge, Va., with the first-ever “WGTS 91.9 Faith and Courage Award.”  This award honors listeners who have overcome difficulties and demonstrated their faith in the midst of adversity.
“Your 60th anniversary only happens once.  We wanted to do something unique and memorable with our listening family, and the cruise definitely fit the bill,” said General Manager Kevin Krueger.

Afternoon Host Johnny Stone said, “Meeting listeners face to face was a blast.  It was like we were at a huge family reunion! The consensus was that it should be an annual celebration!”

Program Director Brennan Wimbish echoed the thoughts of his colleagues.  “I’m honored to serve alongside some of the most genuinely caring team members. The event was a 60th anniversary celebration, but it felt more like a family get together with Jason Gray and a celebration of togetherness. Looking around the ship, it was incredible to see so many listeners from diverse backgrounds coming together for an evening of music,” said Wimbish.

Pictured below the WGTS Team with the Faith & Courage winning family, the Kilareskis and the captain of the Odyssey.