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WGLY Fall Giving Day

WGLY/Essex Junction-VT (The Light Radio Network) wrapped up their “light, tight and brief,” one day fundraiser on Fall Giving Day and the Great Grocery Giveaway. The response of listeners to fund their hometown network is powerful. “I am humbled by the loyal, dedicated listening family of The Light and how they show up in courageous generosity to keep The Light on” said Heather Sheppard, Promotions Director and Morning Show Co-host at The Light. “It is emotional to know some are giving in a global pandemic, challenging economic time, where the household budget might be tighter than in the past,” Sheppard continued, “so to see the joy they have in the giving makes my eyes leak.”

Pictured is The Light promotions director Heather from the morning show, staying awake and alive with her fave bean juice in her new Ambassador tumbler!

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