WFFH Helps Flood Victims

WFFH/Nashville (94 FM The Fish) joined One Generation Away Ministries in an on-air effort to raise money to ease the pain of our neighbors recently effected by the floods in Waverly and the surrounding area. By the end of the day and a half effort, Fish listeners had given over $100,000 to that effort – providing 40 semi-trucks of food and supplies through One Generation Away Ministries. Although the check pictured below reads $92,600, donations continued to roll in to end the day with over $101,000.

Chris Whitney CEO and Founder of One Generation Away says, “We are so thankful for 94 FM The Fish and overwhelmed and humbled by the generosity of the listeners that gave to Waverly flood relief.”

Kevin Anderson, GM of Salem Nashville which includes 94 FM The Fish stated, “Many times over the years we have watched 94 FM The Fish listeners see a need and then meet that need, but raising over $100,000 in two days is unprecedented. We are grateful for each gift, each listener and for the Lord’s provision. We know One Generation Away Ministries will use that money to aid in what will be a very long recovery effort. We were honored to be a part.

Pictured: Daelyn Houser (One Gen Away), Jayme Summers (The Fish), Kevin Anderson – GM (The Fish), Scott Lucas (One Gen Away), Paul Gibson (The Fish), Jenn Morrison (One Gen Away), Elaine Whitney (One Gen Away), Connie Bond (One Gen Away), Doug Griffin (The Fish), Chris Whitney – CEO (One Gen Away), Caryn Cruise (The Fish), Jeremy Sweat – PD (The Fish)

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