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Wendie Pett “It’s Time to Take a Stand for Your Health”

The average person spends 90,000 hours in their lifetime at work. Therefore, actions and choices made at work effect personal health and relationships more than you might realize.


While you are called and set apart to work and serve in Christian radio, you are also set apart to honor God by taking great care of the gift he has given you, your body as a whole, which is mind, body, spirit, and emotions.


Okay, I can practically hear you right now and it’s not because I’m tuned into your station, although I would like to be. What I am tuned into is you! 


Believe me, I get it. It’s normal in your world to work extra long hours and I know that most of those hours are sitting behind a desk and/or microphone. There are high demands and most of those demands were due “yesterday.”


Not only are urgent requests consuming, but also the concerts and other community events where attendance is expected can be exhausting. I’m certain the entertainment industry can feel less than glamorous most of the time due to the high levels of stress and minimal breaks to feed your body well each day.


Shoveling in food that is quick and easy and then getting back on air, or to your post, is welcomed by most media organizations. And we all know that standard media break rooms have luring temptations of high-sugar, high-carb treats calling your name every time you walk by.


The negative emotions of shame and guilt often set in after you answered the tempting call. One look in the mirror and you’re not so happy with the reflection. You feel sluggish, lacking energy and a little sad about that mirrored reflection. So, you reach for another “pick me up.” It becomes a vicious cycle.


The desire to change is there, for a fleeting moment, until you see all the opinions and options advertised. The inundation of what to do and how to do it can be confusing and frustrating, especially when your time is consumed by a calendar of overwhelming events. I mean, where do you find the time to get healthy on top of everything else on your plate?


You aren’t alone in this. In fact, KTIS radio out of St Paul, Minnesota did a survey with their listeners a few years back. Their listeners wanted to hear more on the radio about how to better their faith, family, fitness, and finances. I had an opportunity to provide the fitness and health component. We did an 84-day challenge and over 5,000 people registered to join. I say all this because not only do you have this concern, but so do your listeners. Most people want to know how to get healthier in such a busy, hectic world.


Let me recommend four ways to change the way you think about your health and how to fit your workouts and healthy eating into your busy workday.


First, Let’s address time management.


It’s the biggest excuse I hear for not sticking with a health and wellness program. But, here’s the deal. We all have the same amount of hours in a day – 24 hours. If you aren’t fitting yourself into the equation of the day, may I be so bold to suggest that the problem isn’t a time issue per se, it’s a priority and belief issue.


You either live up to your beliefs or down to them. If you believe you don’t have enough time, you never will.


Whether you’re relatively new to Christian radio or a seasoned pro, you probably realize that one of the keys to success lies in your ability to manage your time.


Changing your mindset and understanding that you are one of your most important appointments helps the scheduling process become more “sticky.” Being creative and disciplined with keeping that appointment must be a priority.


When you are healthy and feeling great you can serve your station, the listeners, your family, and quite frankly, your Heavenly Father better. You’ll have more strength and energy, clarity of mind, a better attitude and outlook on life, and the disciplines of taking care of the temple of the Holy Spirit is a beautiful act of worship.


Want to hear something exciting? You don’t need an hour or more a day to workout. Seriously. You don’t. You can workout in small increments throughout your busy day. Everything adds up and doing something is always better than doing nothing.


Start simple to create a new habit for movement.


For instance, plan on taking five minutes every hour to do something productive toward your fitness goal:  a quick walk around the office, jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, squats, or the techniques included in my Visibly Fit™ exercise program, where your body becomes the only gym you need! Think of it as gaining power by the hour. Those small bursts of exercise can make a great impact long-term. It’s all about getting creative with your time and keeping your health front of mind.


Next habit shift for health success…Prepare your food ahead of time.


How often have you gone through a drive-thru restaurant and wasted money and calories on a meal that didn’t serve your body best due to lack of preparation? It happens, but it doesn’t have to.


What if you plan just one day a week and prepared your breakfasts, lunches and a couple dinners for the week? Just 2-3 hours a week prepping will set you up for success with your health goals and save you money in the long run.


A few of my “staple” weekly preps are batch-cooking steel cut oats for the week, salads in a jar, and having basics on hand such as quinoa, a variety of beans, baked or grilled veggies, hummus, and baggies of grab-n-go raw veggies as well as baggies of nuts and seeds for snacks.  Also, pack your lunch the night before with leftovers when cleaning up after dinner. Just don’t forget to take them with you the next day.


Think of shifting away from processed foods and sugar. Instead give your body what it really craves – quality nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Think of putting a green vegetable or a salad on every plate. Fill half of your plate with this “green” and then add to the rest of the plate. Ideally, if you shift more towards a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle then you will reduce inflammation and excess weight immediately. AND feel great! 



Trade your sodas, coffee, and other high sugar/caffeinated drinks in for water.


Over half of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration causes a multitude of health issues, including hanging on to excess weight and toxins. Since the body is composed of 60-70 percent water, you must drink what will sustain your body at the cellular level.


One of the best ways to drink more water is to carry a BPA-free water bottle with you everywhere you go and sip it often. A good rule of thumb is to consume about half of your weight in ounces daily. Yes, that means you’ll be going to the restroom more often. But look on the bright side, this means you’ll also get in more walking steps into your day.



Speaking of looking on the bright side, your attitude and mindset matter.


Life is what you make of it, right? Our attitude and mindset really do make a difference in our health success. It doesn’t always come easy, but with practice, a positive attitude can become a habit and this habit can change the trajectory of your overall health and wellbeing.


Speak words of life over your life, and over others. Words have great power, as you already know being in the Christian radio and media space.


A great way to have a healthier attitude around your health is to document your thoughts. Write down any negative thought that enters into your mind regarding your health on a piece of paper in one column. In another column next to that negative thought, counter it with life-giving words from God’s word. Anytime that negative mindset around your health comes into play, speak God’s words of truth out loud. I promise, you will begin to see and feel a shift in your thinking and in your spirit.


YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made. It’s time to take a stand, literally, for your health. When you do, your family, friends, and even your listeners will be blessed too.

Wendie Pett is a full-time business owner of Visibly Fit as well as a naturopathic doctor, wife, mother, fitness expert, author, speaker, TV host, and “coach Wendie” on KTIS radio. Her business consists of whole-food plant-based wellness coaching, emotional healing, personal online training, educational and motivational speaking, and creating new products/tools to assist clients along their wellness journey. To learn more, go to www.wendiepett.com.

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