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WCSG Scoring Big in Grand Rapids

WSCG/Grand Rapids scored its third #1 in a row with the release of the Aug 2022 Nielsen ratings this week, 

WCSG trends the last 6 months are 7.1-7.4-7.1-7.9-9.1-9.3. (AQH Share for Persons 12+, Mon-Sun 6AM-Mid).

The 9.3 AQH share puts the station nearly three points ahead of WBCT-FM (B93), the 2nd place station overall.  

After the Aug ratings were released last month WCSG PD Brittany Riva (at left) told HisAir, “It’s a humbling thing to see these latest ratings. I don’t want to downplay the hard work that is put in each day by the team at WCSG, because that is a BIG part of these numbers. I think this also shows how important the messages of true hope, encouragement, and redemption are during a time which feels so dark for so many. What an amazing opportunity those of us in Christian radio have each day to share that message!”

In July WCSG Executive Director Alicia Wyant told HisAir, “The team at WCSG has been working hard to refine and focus on the call that the Lord has given to us. The numbers represent many hours of prayer, prep, and professionalism. All of us at WCSG are thankful for the listener loyalty and the knowledge that many people are pointed to Jesus every day. Thank you!” 

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