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WCRF Revamps Morning Show

WCRF/Cleveland (Moody Radio) has undergone significant changes to the “Brian (Dahlen at left) and Jannelle” Morning Show. After four years as cohost, Jannelle Nevels has decided to refocus her time and attention on her family and homeschool her teenage kids full-time again. Jannelle’s last day on the air with WCRF was Jan 20, 2023. After rebranding the morning show to “Mornings with Brian” and conducting an exhaustive nationwide search for her replacement, WCRF has hired Lauren Cuevas as the new Morning Show Coordinating Producer and additional voice for “Mornings with Brian.” She will join our team on March 6.

WCRF station Manager Josue Villa told HisAir, “We are incredibly excited and blessed to make this critically important addition to the Moody Radio Cleveland family. We’ve experienced Lauren’s HUGE impact, value, depth of experience, and skilled expertise firsthand over the last six years of working closely with her at our yearly Walk Worthy Men’s Conferences and Renew Women’s Conferences in Cleveland, Ohio. God provided a unique window of opportunity to add someone of Lauren’s caliber to our team that we couldn’t pass up. I have rarely seen this level of impact player become available over my 34+ years of building high-performing, award-winning teams in radio. You must act quickly and make your move when that happens, and we did just that!

Villa adds, “Lauren Cuevas is a well-respected professional with tons of talent, experience, and a greater heart and desires to grow and get better and impact the Kingdom. We are incredibly honored and excited to add her to our already talented team of professional, high-performance creatives at WCRF.  I can’t wait to watch them grow together and reach new heights of Kingdom impact in the greater Cleveland area and beyond. Things can only get better from here with God’s help and favor.  May the Lord be glorified by this critical addition to our team.”

On joining the WCRF morning team Lauren Cuevas says, “I am excited and honored to join the WCRF team, which has already felt like an extension of the Event Marketing & Management team at Moody Bible Institute. After coming alongside, them for the last 6 years to plan their yearly Walk Worthy Men’s Conference and ReNew Women’s Conference, I have seen the dedication, hard work, and caring spirits. I am eager to use the skills and experiences I have, from working in live events to working in radio. It will be fun to see where those skills align well and where I have a new opportunity to grow in this role.”

3 thoughts on “WCRF Revamps Morning Show

  • Thank you God and Moody for Lauren. Her calm voice and thoughtful additions are so centering and very much appreciated in a world that moves so fast. She is a great addition to Moody Cleveland.

  • What is the song that Brian says is his theme song?

  • I’ve tried, but I just can’t stomach listening to Brian anymore. Jannelle helped balance him out. He thrives on taking the counterpoint and being controversial and uses clickbait style hooks. The byline of a “Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other” doesn’t really fit, because I don’t hear often hear him refer to the Bible to back the opinions he shares. I understand his criticism of bad behavior displayed by some Christians and their attitudes well enough, but the world already does such a great job of that. I can turn to literally any other radio station to find a finger pointed at the church. Listening to that “gotcha”, sanctimonious voice on Moody is too much.


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