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WCNP’s Different Approach To Christian Radio

WCNP/Baraboo, WI (89.5) has a different and unique direction with Christian radio. In an effort to emphasize the arts and the connection between faith and creative expression, as shared in classical and sacred music, WCNP airs a mix of the two music genres. Classically Christian 89.5, with 6500 watts @ 1,054 ft, covers a good portion of Central and Southern Wisconsin.

While CCM has more or less dominated the Christian Radio music format, WCNP, Classically Christian 89.5, has taken a different route.

WCNP General Manager Greg Walters says listeners are responding very favorably. “Listeners tell us they find the classical and sacred music mix a peaceful, calming and thoughtful relief to other Christian stations.”  Walters says, “Classical music both sacred and non, let’s you think. It allows God to speak to your heart through a softer more open medium. There’s so much classical music that has stood the test of time and is accepted across many generations. The praise expressed from the choruses in so many sacred oratorios is beyond description. Many of our listeners have labeled Classically Christian 89.5 as a Christian NPR. Any that’s a great comparison. Over the years, I was always curious why more traditional Christian Radio stations shared a significant percentage of their audience with Public Radio. I realize that classical and sacred music crosses both generational and denominational barriers. We’ve tried to build on that connection by airing strong talk programs during the same times that NPR shares their talk programs. The response we’ve gotten is very encouraging. “

Walters also says he’s aware “WCNP is not going to have a huge market share but will have a very loyal and appreciative audience.” The station has been on the air for over 8 years with growing listener and community support. “Listeners are finding a very peaceful and engaging difference in listening to WCNP.”

For more information or to listen online go to www.wcnpfm.org.

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