WCLQ Lights of Christmas

WCLQ/Wausau (89Q) organized 10 north central Wisconsin Culver’s for a one day fundraiser for the program that provides area police departments with gift cards to help those they see in need this winter. The event was held on October 21st. 10% of all sales that day from the Wausau-Stevens Point market Culver’s and 100% of the tips was collected by WCLQ GM Coy Sawyer who then purchased gift cards from area vendors through Christian school SCRIP programs.

“Everybody wins with Lights of Christmas Sawyer said. Especially in light of the closed dining rooms the stores had to staff super long drive-thru lines, customers had to wait longer than usual but no one was discouraged, and tips went above what we anticipated. Now officers will bless people in need all winter all over our 100,000 population market. Plus area Christian schools receive a percentage from the purchased gift cards and can assist families in need of tuition money. It’s quite a vision Katie Connell from Q90 in Green Bay started, and we just duplicated it here. We hope to see the program, grow nationwide.”

Rothschild Police Chief Jeremy Hunt said, “Over the years I have seen a number of ways to impact the community and I would like to say that 89Q and the Lights of Christmas have established one of the nicest programs.

This was the second year for 89Q with last year two Culver’s and two police departments participating and raising just over $3,000 earning 89Q the Wausau police department’s annual Community Impact Award.. This year over $15,000 was raised with over $6,000 from the Wausau area Culver’s alone.

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