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WCIE – The JOY FM Is On A Roll

WCIE/Tampa (The JOY FM) is #1 for the 3rd month in a row trending 6.6-7.8-8.6 AQH P6+ in the Sep Nielsen PPM released yesterday. This is the 5th time in the the stations history it has ranked #1 AQH. WCIE led 2nd place mainstream AC WDUV by more than a full point. 

The Joy FM GM Carmen Brown told HisAir today, “Nothing but gratitude for this sweet, sweet season in which we’re living. People need HOPE like never before, and clearly they are seeking it out! We are just so thankful the Lord is choosing to use US in this way, in this community, and in this moment.”

In addition the WCIE TSL was 5.0 hours and the only daypart the station was #2 was middays where WCIE was less than a point behind WDUV.

Since upping its power to 100kw WCIE has consistently ranked in the Tampa market top 5. WCIE’s first number one AQH was last April 2020 when its AQH P6+ was 6.6.

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