WCIC Unspoken Concert At Correctional Center

Eight hundred women at Logan Correctional Center got a special treat when WCIC/Peoria presented a concert with Unspoken. “Unspoken was the perfect band for this event,” said Jessie Browning, WCIC’s Community Engagement Director. “Every song they sang had a message of hope. The lyrics encouraged the women to never give up and told them it’s never too late to change. They pointed to a God who loves them unconditionally and wants to carry them through that journey.”

Unspoken was eager to be a part of the event. The concert took place in two installments to accommodate as many inmates as possible. WCIC also invited its listening family to donate funds to the station to help cover expenses. Once the donation page went live, it took just two hours to completely cover the cost of the event.

Women at Logan Correctional Center said it meant a lot to know so many people cared. After the concert, one inmate shared, “Today was overwhelming and exciting. The message was overwhelming because not too many people believe that women in prison are still worth anything. I felt love today. I felt encouraged. I’m going home soon, so I needed that today.”

Warden Margaret Burke is hopeful that the concert will have a lasting impact. “I thought it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been a part of,” she said. “I think the band’s message was heard by everyone in attendance… I’m hoping that they can take this message, take the joy that they’re feeling right now and spread it, and we can do more things like this.”

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