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WAY FM Implements Coronavirus Policies

WAY FM Media President/CEO John Scaggs checks in with HisAir. He says WAY FM is implementing a companywide coronavirus prevention Policy or Social Distancing Policy that will have most full-time employees productively working from home at least from March 16-20. Those employees who are needed in the office will be following the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to maintain a safe, clean work environment.

This policy allows us to follow the guideline social distancing the CDC and WHO have issued.  This allows us to have fewer people in contact with one another while still operating.  If needed, we are prepared to close offices all together.

In addition, the company has instituted a “no work-related travel” approach as part of the Social Distancing plan. There can be and will be exceptions. 

John says they will constantly reevaluate the situation the week of March 16th and possibly keep the policy in-place for the week of 23 March.  The hope is to announce on Thursday March 19 their plans regarding the following week.  

As far as on the air WAY FM has been making plans for a while to keep the broadcast operation going.  John emphasizes this is the season and time to even more so be a source of encouragement and hope.  People need strength and joy they can experience during this challenge. 

As of this report there are no reported cases of COVID-19 in WAY teammates or family.

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