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Vidare Creative “Fundraising 23” Recap

It was the biggest Vidare Creative conference yet. “Fundraising 23” took place in Franklin, TN July 19-20.

With attendance up significantly from the previous year “Fundraising 23” participants were immersed in two full days of comprehensive fundraising training featuring a lineup of distinguished speakers. Those included Jon Hull, John Brock, Bill Reeves, Todd Isberner, Chuck Finney, & Lisa Williams, as well as the Vidare team. The event also included musical performances, with artists from Centricity Music, Fair Trade, and Provident each evening. And as a special treat Luke from for King & Country presented the morning devotion on opening day.

Mark your calendars for the “Fundraising 24” conference scheduled to take place on July 17-18 in Franklin, TN. To learn more about this event, go HERE.

HisAir asked attendees what they received from “Fundraising 23”

WGTS/Wash DC Chief Development officer Dusty Rhodes, “A comprehensive couple of days covering all-things fundraising. There was strategy, tactics and fundamental best practices you can apply as soon as you return home. You will hear new ideas, and might even find value being reminded of things you already knew but haven’t yet applied.”

Family Radio Senior Director of Programming Vance Dillard, “Fundraising is new to Family Radio, going back only four years now, so we are moving deliberately and confidently with techniques discussed at the Vidare Fundraising Conference. Even with our ministry focused, “No Nonsense” approach of no challenges, matches or gifts, for the first time we will execute a “give early” campaign, two weeks before our fall event. Listener stories will be a part of our entire fall ask as we share the exciting things listeners tell us about their lives and their “why” of giving to Family Radio. We are grateful to our late friend, Randy Zachary, for his efforts to have listeners share their stories. As Family Radio has done since 1959, we have complete trust that God will provide what we need for such a time as this.”

Content Producer/Christian Music Preservation/Internet Radio Consultant Ron Maxwell, “As a participant in Fundraising 23, this was a first class, 5 star, well organized and well received event that went beyond expectations! This event was exactly what we needed as we begin to raise funding for digitizing thousands of vinyl’s through the not for profit Christian Music Preservation project. This event was equally beneficial for the continued funding for our radio streams Christian Life Radio, Cape Christian Radio and Beyond Country. If your radio station is listener supported, whether you are directly involved in Donor Development fundraising or you are an On-Air Talent, next year’s Fundraising 24 should be an essential priority part of your station’s fundraising toolbox!”

WCVO/Columbus Chief Operating Officer Dave Stephens, “It’s easy to think of fundraising as just asking for money and Fundraising 23 provided some great wisdom and tactics both for fundraising and programming staff to do that well. But, it is so much more than that. The biggest takeaway for me is the reminder that effective fundraising comes as a response to year-round ministry more than on-air tactics. How you serve and point people to Christ the other 49-50 weeks a year is the most important “fundraising” you can do.”

KYMX/Sacramento Air Talent Sheryl Stewart, “Fundraising ‘23 was a wealth of information and resources for everyone in radio. As an on air personality that works in both mainstream and Christian radio, I got great ideas and practical advice from proven leaders in our industry. Some of my favorite sessions included Chuck Finney’s talk on storytelling, Paul Goldsmith’s tips on how to be more strategic, and Bill Reeves’ wonderful advice on self-care and restoring your mind and soul so that you can operate at full creativity. I came home encouraged and excited to put this knowledge to good use. Can’t wait for next year!”

Faith Radio/St Paul PD Ben Holsen, “Everyone in our business wants to tell compelling stories of what God is doing through our radio stations and Vidare’s Fundraising 23 helped take us all to the next level. From descriptive storytelling with a twist to coaching your talent, effective break structure, best practices, asking correctly while being more strategic, we are grateful at Faith Radio to have more tools to work with heading into fundraising season. Should you go next year? Absolutely!”

Inspiracom Public Relations Coordinator Josh Guevara, “Fundraising 23 was my first time attending a Vidare event! I registered to attend after seeing an email from HisAir. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it was one of the best 2 days of fundraising knowledge I’ve ever heard! I left feeling excited about our next Sharathon season!”

The JOY FM/Alabama GM Mark Giles, ““This was my third Fundraising conference, and they just keep getting better. What I like most is how they blend strategy & tactic with heart. This isn’t a vocation, it’s a passion that we share. And the takeaways that are available have added to my toolbox every year.”

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