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Vidare Creative “Fundraising 21” A Huge Success

Vidare Creative held its “Fundraising 21″ conference in Nashville last week. This is the third year the group has held the event.

Vidare Creative Chief Creative Officer Dave Kirby told HisAir today, “Fundraising 21 was such a special time of learning, growth, and encouragement. To think that stations will be able to change more lives because of what we all learned in those 2 days is exciting. We can’t wait for next year!”

Dates for Fundraising 22 have been set for July 20-21, 2022. Registration is available for a special price now.

Here’s what Fundraising 21 attendees told HisAir about their experience at the conference:

Pat Scott – The Promise FM/Gaylord, MI – “More than expected, great takeaways that I can implement as soon as I get back. So great to hear from some of the best minds in the industry.”

Matt Hahn – Compassion International – “Compassion loves to link arms with Christian Radio Stations around the country Releasing Children from poverty in Jesus name. Compassion has worked with Vidare Creative for two years now and are encouraged to see the successful strategies they’re bringing to many stations.”

Hannah Jamieson – WWIL/Wilmington – “I learned so much from some of the industry’s best. I’m brand new to radio (only 4 months) and hearing what they had to offer is really going to help me have a huge advantage to fundraising for my stations. I’ve come back motivated, with clear goals for the next 90 days and through the end of the year and that’s because of the time I spent with Vidare Creative and the leaders they brought in.”

Josh Hooper – The River/Columbus – “The conference was comprehensive. SO much amazing info and guidance on fundraising, but also plenty of takeaways about radio in general! It was an incredible event!”

Jess Hart – KKJM/St Cloud (Spirit 92.9) – “This was our first time attending this conference and it was so worth it! We came away with so much good information and ideas to take our fundraising to the next level. We appreciated that the focus was always on doing better for the goal of advancing the kingdom and impacting more people for Christ. It was also great to network with others in our industry and format to share ideas and help each other. We are fired up and excited to implement the ideas and knowledge gained, and can’t wait for next year! I strongly recommend this conference for anyone in ministry who wants to help their team grow, be more efficient and focused, and be excited about HOW and why God is using listeners to share hope through their organization.”

Don Burns – KCBI/Dallas – “So much information in two short days. Some great reminders of ways to do effective fundraising, but even better new ideas on how to raise funds to reach the next generation”

Matt Wall WWIL/Wilmington (Life 90.5) – “The Vidare Fundraising Conference creates the learning experience your team needs to grow into a team of fundraisers.”

Russ & Nancy Brooks – WIZB/Dothan (The JOY FM) – “We had an amazing time at the Vidare Creative Fundraising 21 mind-blowing event. It reinforced that the “regular” days pave the way for the focused fundraising days [Russ] and now feeling better equipped to enter into the fundraising season with a distinct plan of action [Nancy}.”

Brian Curee – Killer Bee Marketing – “Fundraising21 was an incredible event! Every person I talked to shared how much they were learning and told me their journals were packed with notes. A common theme throughout the conference was the importance of serving your audience every day. I closed my notes with this reminder, “Our why isn’t about us; it’s about the people we serve.”

Andy Youso – KTIS/Minneapolis – “I don’t think you could pack more valuable information into two days than what Vidare does with their fundraising seminars. Every speaker gave me actionable steps to become a better fundraiser – and not just on-air, but how to do a better job with fundraising 365 days a year. If you think that you do a pretty good job fundraising on your own, this conference will blow you away at how much more you can grow, and how much more money is out there for your ministry!”

Wednesday lunch with Centricity artists Patrick Mayberry, Coby James & Apollo LTD

Paul Cameron – The Family Radio Network/Appleton – “Fundraising 21 crushed it. Wow. Pages of takeaways and ideas. Now, the work begins, as we strive for implementation.”

Melissa Montana – WLAB/Ft Wayne (Star 88.3) – “Thousands of new people will find out about the hope of Jesus because of what happened this week through the Vidare Fundraising Conference. They taught us and inspired us how to raise the funds needed to grow our outreach. I walked away excited to find new partners in ministry and how to include my team in the vision for fundraising. What an amazing two days! More people need to jump in on this. Thank you, my friends at Vidare!”

Randy Zachary – Family Radio – “So many helpful nuggets! The session with Lori Lewis opened my eyes as to why the natural tension exists between digital and programming. She suggested some things, and we implemented them the NEXT day.”

Wednesday lunch with Centricity artists Patrick Mayberry, Coby James & Apollo LTD. On far right Fair Trades Kai Elmer.

Tony Weir – The House FM – “The event was packed with actionable information. The speakers were top notch on a variety of subjects that gave a well rounded look at all that goes into successful fundraising.”

Dave Stephens – The River/Columbus – “It was a fantastic event. For many in Christian radio we’re wearing multiple hats. Despite being the lifeblood of our organizations, fundraising is a hat that’s easy to neglect until the 2-3 times a year we’re asking. Fundraising 21 did a great job at reminding us that our donors just want to be a part of something. Every aspect of service and ministry we do throughout the year is part of our fundraising strategy and mission if done correctly.”

Keith Maddox WYGS/Columbus, IN – “All things fundraising all in one place from folks who really know their stuff. I so appreciate the great info we got and connections we made at Fundraising 21.”

Ed Maner – The JOY FM/Tampa – “Vidare’s FUNDRAISING 21 Conference was packed with relevant and meaningful information presented by a collaborative of brilliant minds. Vidare’s niche conference provided tremendously applicable insights specifically geared to our markets and allowed for networking with peers from across our industry. This well-crafted conference was a perfect blend of fundraising topics, biblical insights, incredible artists, and great friends. Bill, Dave, and the entire Vidare team are to be commended on presenting such a content-rich conference, well worth the investment of both time and resource.”

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