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Vidare & Compassion Partner

Compassion International and Vidare Creative are thanking God for over an amazing victory in February through 3 radio fundraisers with KSBJ/NGEN/Houston, WGTS/Wash DC, and Family Life Radio/Tucson. In total, more than 2600 children’s lives will be changed through sponsorship.

Compassion’s U.S. Director of Radio Marketing Matt Hahn says, “What an honor to work with these amazing stations and their incredible on-air personalities releasing children from poverty in Jesus name!

Joe Paulo, KSBJ President & CEO, added, “We love partnering with Compassion!  Why?  Because they extend our listeners’ impact beyond humanitarian efforts by doing all they do in Jesus’ name.  When we can mobilize listeners to reach out to make a difference both now and for all of eternity – that’s the sweet spot where we want to be.  And, we’ll invite our listeners to join them again!”

Due to COVID-19, Compassion has more than 200,000 children on their waiting list, more than any time in their history. If your station would like to help find sponsors for some of these kids, please contact Paul Goldsmith at paul@vidarecreative.com.

Pictured are – Morgan, Jeff Scott from Vidare and Carlos at KSBJ.


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