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UCB Canada Launches in Saskatoon

UCB/Canada Radio announces the successful launch of its newest station in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, marked by an unforgettable concert event on June 1st, 2024. The launch celebration featured Sanctus Real, with Canadian band Informants as the opening act, creating a night of inspiring music and celebration for new station CIHX/Saskatoon (103.1).

“UCB’s willingness to collaborate with other Christian media broadcasters is exemplified by this frequency’s origin. It was initially awarded to International Harvesters for Christ Evangelical Association Inc. from Monkton. After the unfortunate passing of Dr. Jeff Lutes, they realized they couldn’t bring it to air. Through collaboration, we transferred the licenses to UCB, allowing us to broadcast. Both organizations prioritize the kingdom over ownership and focus on what’s best for the nation. This collaboration is a prime example of that commitment,” said James Hunt, CEO of UCB Radio.

The launch event was a resounding success, with three packed shows where attendees joined in singing along to many beloved songs.

Chris Rohman of Sanctus Real expressed the band’s excitement and gratitude for being part of this significant occasion. “As a band, we were honored UCB Radio invited us to be a small part of their growing ministry in Canada. How cool to see 3 packed shows with people singing along to so many of our songs! All thanks to the power of Christian Radio. We hope God continues to bless UCB Radio as they expand into more and more markets,” Chris shared.

UCB Radio is committed to spreading hope and faith through its broadcasts and is excited to extend its reach to the community of Saskatoon. This new station launch is a
testament to UCB Radio’s mission to bring positive, uplifting Christian content to listeners across Canada. 

Pictured are UCB Staff w/Sanctus Real at Launch Celebration

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