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UCB Canada Launches 1st Christian Station in Regina

Six years after the realization that one of Western Canada’s Largest Cities, Regina, SK, had no Christian Radio, the day has finally come!

This past weekend UCB Canada launched CIUC/Regina (95.9 FM) an 18,800-watt station. An official Sold out launch party was held Saturday night May 6th at Regina Apostolic church. Kicking off the event was local Canada talent Corey Lueck.

There were tears of joy and relief as the “test broadcast” switched to Regina’s First Christian Radio Station. Then Mac Powell, former lead singer of the band Third Day, took the audience on a journey with chart-topping hits “Soul on Fire” and “New Creation.”

“Every single time there was just something, it’s been a rollercoaster, I know it’s a big commitment it’s a lot of work but there’s a reason why it’s been so difficult,” said UCB CEO James  Hunt.  “The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) decided in our favor and so here we are, after advice to give up and told we shouldn’t do this, round around this mountain we went, we are at the stage of basically making history in Regina!”

UCB Media first announced they would be launching a new station in Regina last Sept 2022 at Regina’s 9th annual “Praise in The Park” event.

At that time UCB’s National Promotions Director John Connor told HisAir, “Regina, like so many Canadian City’s is battling a new level of discouragement and fear.  Our goal is to connect people to music that is positive and uplifting, where we can experience the love that God offers us, a life connected through Jesus.” 

UCB Canada provides positive media that’s encouraging, uplifting and hopeful, across 12 Canadian Cities nationwide. 

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