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TWR December Fire Update

This is an update on the fire at TWR last December from John Summerville, Director of Radio Station Partnerships for Trans World Radio.

Our fire restoration and rebuilding at TWR is coming along well and we praise the Lord and give Him all the glory.  Here’s a quick update. 

Friday, December 22 around 6:30 in the morning, a fire was set on TWR’s loading dock.  The Cary Fire Dpt responded within minutes and extinguished the blaze.  After watching the security camera footage, the building was quickly declared a crime scene.  Arson was involved and the criminal investigation continues.  The next morning the fire reignited and the Fire Dpt again responded. 

Chubb Insurance has been wonderful to work with, and they have replaced carpets, ceiling tiles and our cubicles, which are slated to arrive later this month.  They’ve also repainted our entire building to get rid of the smoke smell and smoke damage. 

The town of Cary granted us a permit this week to begin reconstruction.  The fire damaged a good portion of one wing of our building and the flames became so hot that it warped the steel allowing the concrete floor to crack.  That floor was demolished, the new steel has been delivered and they’ll start pouring a new concrete floor as early as next week. 

There is still quite a bit of chaos around – boxes everywhere, walls being rebuilt, people in temporary solutions but it’s all part of the adventure.  Thank you for praying for us and thank you for your part in the Great Commission.