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Troy Research Announces Changes

TroyResearch announced two major changes today—one an ending and the other a beginning. Bill Troy, the research veteran who launched the very first software for online music research in 1997, is retiring from TroyResearch, shuttering the existing TroyResearch.com site, and moving on to pursue other compelling life interests as of March 31st. Troy commented, “It has been an amazing 20+ years, and it’s been an honor to work with so many talented people in radio. The good news, however, is that while I am stepping away, the heart and soul of the TroyResearch team will continue with a fresh new platform under the leadership of Jonathan Little.”

Jonathan Little, long-time VP Sales and Client Services for TroyResearch, will launch a new service designed to pick up right where the soon-to-be shuttered version of TroyResearch.com will leave off. Little explained, “A brand-new survey platform, as modern and as fast as 2021 technology allows, is now in development. It will launch on April 1. The survey production team of Molly Crossen, Karen Lewis, Dan Kelley and Dave Ogden will continue producing surveys. Research guru and analyst Lou Patrick will also be on board, guiding all our in-depth perceptual studies for media and other businesses.”

Little continued, “For over 20 years, I’ve been helping radio be the best in can be as Bill and I have worked together. From music testing, to perceptual studies, to our groundbreaking sales generating tool, the Brand Awareness Study, we have continued to help radio compete and win in an ever-changing marketplace. I’m excited to start a new chapter in that lifelong effort.”

Learn more about Jonathan’s new version of TroyResearch at www.troyresearch.net.

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