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Travis Culver Passes

HisAir.Net is deeply sorry to report that Travis Culver has passed away. Recently Travis had been battling cancer. 

Travis has spent most of his adult life in Christian radio.  He spent 11 years at KTSY/Boise going from overnight shift tracker, to PM Drive Host and then PD.  In 2014 he left KTSY and started “Media for the Rest of Us.”   Up until his illness last year, he also was voicetracking weekends on WGTS and fundraising with i58:10 Media.

Please continue to pray for the Culver family, Travis is survived by his wife and 2 children. 

A Go Fund Me account is set up for donations for the family. Click here.

2 thoughts on “Travis Culver Passes

  • I am so sorry, when we moved here 5 years ago ,we met Travis after talking to him and Dave on the phone and they helped us connect with people to help us, then at a God and county we met Travis he greeted us as if we were a long lost friend , and now i feel we have lost a long life friend :(prayers to you his family we love you all and will see him again!!

  • I met Travis in Miami. He was working for i58:10 Media for a fundraising project benefiting The Miami Rescue Mission. We spent three days working on-air together on 90.9 LIFE FM-WLFE and Travis was cooler than the other side of the pillow! He was so funny and he loved the Lord! I feel like we’ve been friends forever even though it was only 3 days on the radio. He had a passion for family, media, technology and Christ. I’m heartbroken over this news. I hate cancer. It took my mother 7 years ago and it still hurts. As a frail human my heart pains to know Travis passed on. However, as a Christian I know Travis is no longer suffering and is enjoying eternity in paradise. It’s still hard. My humanity constantly struggles with loss. It hurts. It feels so wrong. I know what the Word says, but it hurts terribly. If you’re a true Christian that loves with true compassion, you too would agree that death hurts and feels terribly wrong. Yes, we grieve and mourn but not like the rest of the world, we do it with hope: such a hard dichotomy.



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