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TJ Holland “Momentum”

It was either Sir Isaac Newton or Isaac Hayes who presented the “3 Laws of Motion” in this “Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis.”  The other Isaac sang the theme to “Shaft”.  His second law deals with momentum, the force gained by a moving object. 

I’m not going to pretend to know what this means, but it is the scientific formula of momentum:  p = mv

Many of us will be attending the Christian Music Broadcasters “Momentum” in Orlando this week.  My hope is there won’t be a lot of physics involved, but it always presents a fantastic opportunity to become a driving force from what we learned.

Momentum plays a role in all phases of successful stations.

Top performing managers know that momentum doesn’t begin by waiting for it to get rolling.  They never feel they’ve arrived and always push ahead.  They challenge their organization to grow, all while growing and involving their team.

Top air talent knows that if what you are talking about doesn’t move forward (that momentum thing), listeners will move elsewhere.  They’ve prepped and know where they are going whenever the mic goes live.

In general, top performers won’t let self-doubt and self-criticism derail their inner-momentum.  They believe in what they are doing and have faith that their vision will be accomplished.

So let’s soak up some sunshine and soak up a lot of amazing information this week.  Keep the momentum going by putting it to work when you get home.  To quote Isaac Hayes, “can ya dig it?”

I hope to see you in Orlando.  You’ll have the opportunity to collect one of my newly minted limited edition business cards simply by saying “you saw this in TJ’s Take”. 

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TJ is a veteran PD and has been voted one of the “Top Programmers in America” multiple times as well as having his stations recognized as “station of the year” in two separate formats (twice in AC and once with CCM).  TJ brings passion to mentoring team members, creating a real strategy for sustained growth, developing engaging brands, and for finding radios place in the digital and social media landscape of tomorrow. Reach him at tjholland@goodratings.com

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