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The JOY FM Raises $1 mil For New Facility

After 36 years operating in a rented facility, The JOY FM/Florida/Georgia/Alabama bought a building that will serve as their central hub for broadcasting and RTN network operations.

Centrally located in the Tampa Bay area, the building’s layout and infrastructure met all criteria for adapting the interior to broadcast facilities and RTN network operations. Less than 48 hours after closing on October 31, one longtime supporter pledged one million dollars towards the $3.16 million needed for renovations, provided listeners would match the million.

December 14 was set for “Welcome The JOY FM Home”, an all-day, on-air appeal asking listeners to match the million. By 6:00 P.M., two hours early, that goal was met and exceeded at 124%, with gifts still coming in the next day and beyond.

GM Carmen Brown reflected, “After 15-plus years of waiting and praying, today felt like confirmation that this building is the Lord’s provision. Our hearts echo Hannah’s words when she finally gave birth to Samuel and said, ‘This is the child I prayed for!’ And like Hannah with Samuel, we will dedicate this building to the Lord!”

The facility, located in Riverview, Florida, is 16,400 square feet, with an open-floor plan that will be designed and built-out over the next year. Expected move-in date is early 2024.

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