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The House FM Spring Fundraiser

KJTH/Pobca City (The House FM) wrapped their Spring Fundraiser raising almost 140% of their goal. Ministry CEO Tony Weir is thrilled with the response, “Our minimum goal was $300k. I hoped for at least $350k to feel really solid. After a great first day, I started hoping for $400k. In the end, we raised $417k.”

Vidare Creative Partners Bill Scott, Paul Goldsmith, and Dave Kirby provided coaching and hosting assistance to The House FM team remotely from their studio in Nashville. “The audio and interaction with the local staff was so good we had people coming into the studio to talk to us, not realizing we weren’t there locally,” said Dave Kirby.

Tony Weir is grateful for the addition of Vidare Creative to their fundraising team. “The team from Vidare not only provided some of the specific keys that were missing from our on-air fundraiser, but they re-energized our entire staff to truly embrace our donors and be excited about engaging with them.”


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