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The House / My Praise FM Names New CEO

After serving 25 years as program director for  KJTH/OKC (The House FM) and KLVV/Ponca City (My Praise FM), Tony Weir (left) has been named CEO of the non-profit Christian radio networks.

Weir will be taking the reins from Doyle Brewer, who founded the ministry in 1992. Brewer retains his role as president as he transitions into semi-retirement. Weir was the first employee of the radio networks 25 years ago when he was hired as program director. Since then, Weir has played an integral role in the radio networks, setting the music programming for both networks and working with the on-air staff. Weir will continue his role as PD in addition to serving as CEO.

“After 25 years, I still believe our best is yet to come,” Weir said. “God has put together a great team here with the potential to do great things for Him and for our listeners.  I pray that He leads me as I lead them into the next 25 years.”

Brewer spent the last 25 years building one small station into two networks that span 18 frequencies through much of Oklahoma and southern Kansas.

“I never would have dreamed that a radio station that began in my backyard could grow into two networks,” Brewer said. “God has blessed us the last 25 years and we are looking forward to what God has planned for the next 25 years.”

In addition, the networks welcomed Ted Riley in October of 2017, naming him general manager. Riley brings years of previous radio and broadcast experience to the networks. Riley is also a licensed minister and routinely prays with listeners.