The Fairly Local Show

The Fairly Local Show is a daily radio show heard around the country.
Hosts Chad Bradley, Angela Schweinitz, and Jill Mikkelson are going through what you are going through and talk about pretty much everything;
Pop-culture, faith, food…and so much more.


The Team!

Chad got his degree in broadcasting in the middle of Ohio and since starting in radio feels like he hasn’t worked since. Some of his bosses would agree. He grew up in a Christian home and when he was in college tried to shake his faith from his life. He is so grateful it didn’t work. He is thankful that “Jesus loved me through it all.” He loves pizza, stand-up comedy and a great cup of coffee. He is a husband, and father of three. Even though mini-vans aren’t “cool” he loves his. He asks you not to judge.



Angela is a graduate of Cedarville University’s Broadcasting program and spent four years in Houston working for KSBJ’s venture into Christian Hip Hop and Pop, NGEN.  She’s interned with record labels and artist managers  and enjoyed the times she’s gotten to be on TV or emcee a concert.  More than what she does, she values time with her Canadian fiancé, Brandon, and her Doberman/Shepherd mix, Timber. She’s quick to describe herself as pretty weird and kind of a massive nerd. Being on this show is one of her passions in life.



Jill never knew she would love working in radio as much as she has.  Having done missions programs through YWAM (Youth With A Mission), Jill’s initial draw to Christian radio was the ministry aspect.  After experiencing an on-air role, she was hooked. Jill pioneered a podcast project that gave her a passion to utilize different styles and forms of communication.  In her free time, she enjoys ping-pong, Christmas Hallmark movies, football (SKOL!), big family get-togethers, and spontaneous dance parties.  If you can  make her belly-laugh, consider her a friend for life.


The Fairly Local Show hopes to provide a real, authentic, and bright show that reinforces the values of your listeners.
This show is a safe place to learn more about the love of Jesus through genuine FUN conversations.

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The Fairly Local Show is composed of Chad Bradley, Angela Schweinitz, and Jill Mikkelson.
The three come together to share their life and connect with the next generation of radio listeners through refreshingly honest and bright conversation.

If you would like to learn more about the possibility of your station teaming up with The Fairly Local Show please reach out to:

Ted Semper at 225-306-8383 ted@hisair.net or Rob Wagman at 646-745-4290 rob@straightpath.media