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The Brant Hansen Show wraps up “The Followership Conference”

Leadership conferences are plentiful in the church world, but this past weekend The Brant Hansen Show turned it upside down as “The Followership Conference” was met by a full house of enthusiastic Brant and Sherri fans.

Listeners from 32 states made the trek to Winona Lake, Indiana and the campus of Grace College. What they experienced was a completely unique weekend focused on being a follower of Jesus.

According to Brant Hansen, “It was honestly remarkable. More than we could have asked for. Just an absolute blast, and entirely focused on how to follow Jesus. I’m really thankful.”

Mike Donehey, author and frontman of the band Tenth Ave North quipped, “Everything in this conference is painfully practical,” as he shared Saturday morning on “How to Love Your Enemies.”   Joined by Josh Havens from The Afters and author Lance Ford, other conference topics included “Practicing Radical Forgiveness”,  and  “Living Without Worry and Anxiety”.

Producer Sherri Lynn said, “To say I was overwhelmed by the response is an understatement. Having people come from 32 states and 3 countries to hang out with us and talk about Jesus is just surreal. It was such a wonderful family atmosphere.”

Listeners spent an epic weekend of laughter and tears, and enjoyed Danceball, Karaoke, and a tremendous time of fellowship with their friends from the radio.

Brant expressed the heart the conference this way:

“Jesus calls us again and again to ‘Follow me!’   His ways are the best way to live. After all, Jesus is a genius. He knows how to live. He, above all, knows how we are made, and how we thrive. His way of living is the best way for us to experience real peace, and an enduring sense of well-being, regardless of circumstances.  The way of Jesus is not impossible. He shows and tells us how to do it.”

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  • My dear wife and I attended the conference from Virginia Beach. Absolutely loved it. It was very informative, spiritually instructive and inspirational, and just plain fun. To me it was three days of The Kingdom breaking through at Grace College. Many thanks to Brant, Sherri, and the Team for a wonderful three days. <


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