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The Brant Hansen Show Announcements

Christian FM Media Group has several announcements today regarding The Brant Hansen Show.

1. Brant’s book The Men We Need is now set to be released in March of 2022. All three of his previous books have hit #1 bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon. Unoffendable has now sold more than 150,000 copies, and his newest, The Truth About Us, recently hit the NPD/Bookscan Bestseller list.

2. Brant has extended his commitment to work for CURE International. He will continue as a spokesman for CURE, and CURE will continue to be a primary sponsor of the show and live events.

3. The radio show has decided to end its run on WAYFM. “We’re very thankful that WAYFM was an ‘early adopter’ of the show back in 2014, and for the many listeners over time who’ve funded surgeries through CURE,” Brant says.

Christian FM’s Jon Hamilton says the show has grown extensively, and the move will benefit independent affiliates. “Brant and Sherri’s non-WAYFM audience currently exceeds 2 million weekly,” he says. “They absolutely love being part of the team for the stations they work with and they consider it an honor to partner with them.”

4. Also in the spring of ’22, the show is bringing back the live musical “The Bold and the Sanctified”, written and produced by Sherri Lynn. “We’re bringing it back – big cast and all!” Sherri says. The show sold out dates in large theaters in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg PA in a previous run with mixed-race audiences, laughing and singing together.

“There’s nothing more relevant and more redemptive about race and Jesus right now than this play, and more people need to see it,” Brant says. “It’s beyond brilliant. We’re excited to partner with affiliates to make it happen again.”

The Brant Hansen Show continues to be a premier audience builder for CCM stations across the country. Brant and Sherri’s live appearances and stage shows regularly attract sell-out audiences in city after city. For more information on carrying The Brant Hansen Show in your market contact Jon Hamilton. jhamilton@christianfm.com

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