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Terrance Howell Interview

Terrance Howell
Revival Music Company
Virginia Beach, VA

Career Capsule: From Police Officer to Record Label Owner/Music Producer/Songwriter/Music Promoter. Watch CBN News video on how Terrance traded his badge for the music ministry. Click HERE. 

Terrance, tell us about what’s new with you, your latest adventures, happenings at Revival Music Company?

Revival Music Company is currently representing 14 artists across the nation. We just released the Journey album in which I also wrote six of the 10 tracks, & produced every track with RMC’s Co-Producer Stuart McCloud. We are currently in negotiations with a television company who would like to give Revival Music Company an hourly weekly segment  in which we would premiere our artists, music videos, & other great artists across the country.


Since you have a such a busy schedule, how do you best manage your responsibilities and priorities to your label?

Trying to take it one day at a time. Handling what is most important first, but not neglecting family in the process. It’s definitely a balancing act that I’m still trying to master. 


Complete this sentence: The best way to get a new artist recognized is…

… to have great content, a great production, a great sound, & a great song.


Generally speaking how do you see the state of Christian radio?

I’m a huge fan! I’d like to see the gate open up a little bit more. There’s a lot of great music out there, but I definitely love what Christian radio is doing! It is truly making a positive impact. 


Regarding record sales how has it changed ….please explain?

Content is king. Growing up, I can remember having to to go to the record stores, or local Christian Bookstores to find out out about my favorite bands, & buy their records. Now fans can follow their favorite artists on social media, & keep up with their daily lives, & download their favorite music instantly.  


What promotions with radio have you been involved with personally that are most memorable?

Wow. They have all been memorable, but what immediately comes to mind is Melinda Isley. Melinda who was working as a nurse, & trying to get through the painful loss of losing her father to cancer, she came to us wanting to do something that honored her father. We initially created a short e.p. for her, & released her debut single “Sweeter.” I wrote that song for her along with Jesse Wood, also of Revival Music Company. What we didn’t anticipate was how quickly people would become drawn to her! That song generated over 270 radio downloads worldwide, received Billboard recognition, received coverage from Major Christian Press organizations, & that was her very 1st time ever in a recording studio! Needless to say, we got her back in the studio, & created a full album (Journey).  


Do you feel the record/radio relationship is still as important as it has been in the past………..explain how its same/different?

Personally, I think that it is as important now, as it has ever been in Christian Music. Understanding & satisfying the radio dynamics of what program directors are seeking in their formats can provide wonders for your music, & for your artists. It can truly provide the air underneath the wings of your artists.


What advice would you give to someone jumping from radio to records?

Pay close attention to the songs that worked in radio. You can keep your authenticity without reinventing the wheel. 

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