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Steve Kneprath “Employees Stick Around When They Are”

Employees Stick Around When They Are:

Paid Well.
Pay that is not just ‘in line’ with what others get for that same position, but a notch better.  This includes providing generous benefits.  Generosity reciprocates.

Appreciated & Valued.
Seems simple enough to express appreciation verbally, but this needs to be backed up with action for the words to carry any weight.  Along with the occasional pat on the back, simple gestures like staff parties, random gift cards, etc., go along way in communicating appreciation.

Giving staff the opportunity to be better at their craft through training conferences, seminars, webinars or teaming them up with other veteran staff to show them the ropes.  Opportunities need to be made available.

When a person has ‘skin in the game’, they are much more likely to contribute through ideas and actions.  Allow voices to be heard through regular staff meetings or when bigger decisions are being made that will affect everyone.

Empowered & Trusted.
When responsibility is given, authority to perform that responsibility also has to be given.  Trust needs to be given and earned (and micro-managing is counterproductive to cultivating trust).  Mistakes will be made, but that is part of the learning process.

There needs to be room to grow in a company for staff to stay long term, and promotions handed out when earned are part of the process.

Nothing is more harmful than falling into a rut.  Opportunities to try and learn new things should be part of every work environment regardless of position.

Mission Driven.
Most people would rather be part of a ‘mission’ than just having a ‘job’.  Make sure staff know the mission of the company and how they fit into executing that mission.

At the end of the day, the most important asset any company has isn’t its clients, it is the employees!  If employees feel well taken care of, they will take care of the clients and the company will prosper!

Steve Kneprath has been in leadership positions over the last 25 years with organizations including Praise FM, Sonshine Music Festival and Youth For Christ.  He currently owns and operates his own business, KPS Media, assisting ministries with live events and is also the Director of Engineering & Technology for Lakeland Broadcasting, Inc.  Steve can be reached at steve@kpsmedia.com.

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