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Stephens Media Launches NOW 94.5

Stephens Media has launched it’s KXOJ2/Tulsa on two frequencies 94.5 FM and KTSO/Tulsa 100.9 HD2. The new station is NOW 94.5. As a sister station to KXOJ/Tulsa, NOW 94.5 will reach the younger generation with new music from the Pop, EDM, Hip-Hop and Indie genres. The station has worked closely with both Christian Music Labels and Independent artists to build a station that represents everything fresh and new with the heart of Jesus driving every song played.

Stephens Media CCM Brand Manager Jeremiah St James is programming NOW 94.5 and tells HisAir, “I’ve been working for months in the background to build NOW from the ground up, imaging, logo, web, everything had to be built from scratch and it’s been an absolute blast! We’re really proud of the final sound. Although its been mostly my project, NOW 94.5 has the full support and investment of Stephens Media with online streaming, its own dedicated App on Apple/Android, and Alexa/Google skills now published.” 

St James adds, “The response from the local audience has been overwhelming excitement. I’m looking forward to programming NOW and keeping Tulsa encouraged with uptempo positive hits every day alongside our 45-year-old heritage station KXOJ. (The studios are literally right next door to each other).”

National Programming Manager Bob Thornton and the Stephens Media engineering team worked over the last few months to support technology and studios for the new station. The stations website is HERE.

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