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Stephanie Kay Welter “What Are YOU Sharing During Share?”

Several years ago when I was exploring starting my own home based business, I commented that I didn’t think I’d be able to “sell” anything. “That’s not really me”. I’m not a “sales person” I said.

The woman I was speaking with looked at me, laughed and said, “Um….you sell air!” I sat there, not making the connection at first and said, “I do?!” She said, “Ah, yea! You ask people to call up a radio station and give them their money. And, they do it!” In that moment I realized something important. I never looked at what I was doing as “selling” because I was not interested in for me. It wasn’t about personal gain.
I was focused on, and interested in how the ​listeners
​ were benefiting and how those benefits were improving their lives. Those benefits add value, and it was my job to ​share that with others.

I believe in Christian radio. I am passionate about what radio ministries are doing in people’s lives and I am emotionally invested in their success.

One important thing to remember as a broadcaster first, fundraiser second, is that in order for anyone to believe us, and trust us enough to make that phone call or go online to give a financial gift, we must be ​influential
​ in our appeal. Which means, we have to believe what we’re saying, and convey it authentically.

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “People don’t care what you know…until they know how much you care.”

People more than ever want what’s real.
We influence others when we connect on a ​deep emotional level

.​ To influence someone, you yourself must first be influenced. In order to move someone emotionally, you yourself have to be moved emotionally and then be able to communcate that feeling or sentiment. You can’t give somebody what you don’t have.

So, It’s a mindset shift away from the idea that we have to convince people that our ministry is amazing and does a lot for a lot of people….and instead become interested in and aware of where your listener is in the very moment you are making an appeal to her. What might she be doing in that moment, and what might she find ​valuable.
​ As you communicate those tangible listening benefits – it becomes easy to translate with authenticity and passion if you understand that she truly is listening because she’s receiving something of value.

where people are at and what THEY need – and then letting them know that you have something that can help or add value.

You know you have hope and encouragement to offer. You know you have the right song at the right time to offer her just when she needs it – whenever and wherever she needs it (in the car, online, via the app), so as you can convey how those valuable components are being provided to her each and every day, and connect her with a story she can identify with, you’ll give her yet another reason to take action and be sure she gets to keep what she vaulues, and gets to share it with others.


Stephanie Kay Welter  is an Independant Radio/TV Host, Fundraising Expert, Voiceover/commercial talent, Coach, Owner Crowned Productions, LLC … contact her at stephaniekvoice@gmail.com. Visit her website at  www.StephanieKay.org.