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SRN President Trump Birthday Wishes

Today (6/5/17) all Salem Radio Network nationally syndicated talk hosts will kick-off a “Happy 71st Birthday President Trump” campaign…giving listeners the opportunity to send the President a personal birthday message via each host’s website:

SRN hosts Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Larry Elder and Joe Walsh will offer the opportunity on their websites (Example: www.MikeOnline.com) for listeners to click through to a “message” page where they can post a personal birthday greeting for 45th President of the United States.

SRN will compile all of the messages, and SRN News White House correspondent Greg Clugston will deliver the birthday wishes directly to the White House on June 14th, the day Mr. Trump turns 71.

SRN V.P./News & Talk Programming Tom Tradup says, “We believe the vast majority of our listeners will  be excited to have this unique opportunity to personally send President Trump their greetings in honor of his 71st birthday as a welcome break from the partisan bickering which has dominated national headlines in recent weeks.”

4 thoughts on “SRN President Trump Birthday Wishes

  • We pray for you daily and for those who digs holes of lies for you to fall in to, will fall in the holes themselves ! May we all bless God! Happy Birthday, Brenda and Gary, (TEXAS)

  • The happiest of all birthdays to our lion fighting for us Donald J Trump. May God bless you and your family. May God go before you and after you as he leads one of his chosen vessels for this challenging time in America s history!!!!!

  • Happy Birthday President Trump, were sending our wishes for the Happiest of Birthday’s for you. We are so
    Proud of you!! You are doing a Great Job!!! Our Prayers are with you and Thank You so Much for being
    There For All of Us!!!!!!! You are a God-send for us!! Joe and JoAnn (Ohio)

  • Dear Mr. President,
    We bless you, Sir! We appreciate you SO-O MUCH, Mr. Trump!!! We send you our best wishes for your Birthday! ? We have no greater gift to give you than our highest humblest thanksgiving, which we hope you will gladly receive with this card.

    First of all, Sir, thank you, that you and the First Lady were willing to leave aside your long private-citizen lives, to enter into the public life arena so as to serve the whole country with your passion! We admire your patriotism and dedication and long life greatly! Thank you for entering into this personal sacrifice for us, as fellow citizens with us.

    We are very thankful for you! — we recognize that you have been personally inclined toward values that have been defined as a good uprightness of mind and spirit by the Lord God Himself! We are thankful for your family and that you were raised to recognize that the “Ancient of Days” is a God Who would ennoble and lift up mankind! — created in His very own image.

    May you be richly rewarded by this God in your spirit and family daily, and may you be held steadfast by Him, so that you may stand within His assurance of your inner spirit as you face all opposition, and may you discover continual wisdom streaming into your thoughts from the Lord on high as you look upon our country and its place among the nations of earth.

    Thank you for protecting us with every wisdom through our military, thank you wanting to protect our borders and coastlines, for protecting our religious freedoms under God, thank you for gratefully honoring all veterans and, in fact, all citizens of peace and good will among us.

    Thank you for wanting fairness for us in the marketplaces of the world, for being a daily advocate of our common people, thank you for desiring and choosing to have upright leading men and women beside you as you cherish your leading of us with good governing. Thank you for being generous towards us and yet also mindful of necessary constraints for our good. Thank you for loving the Constitution and guarding it in every way you can! Thank you for caring for the imprisoned and poor among us. Thank you for caring about our education as citizens, both in good public and private institutions.

    Thank you for loving your wife and family! This depicts our country’s long spirit! You are all so admired by us!

    Thank you for your passion of having a good will towards us in every single way you do, for working so tirelessly every day.

    We admire your personal chosen posture of honoring the long nobility of office.

    Sir! We so hope you will have an AMAZING Birthday!

    Steve and Ann Lutz


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