SOS Radio at the WHY Ranch

Fair Trade Services artist Laura Story served at WHY Ranch in Las Vegas with over 100 KSOS/Las Vegas (SOS Radio) listeners. WHY Ranch does Horse therapy for children with social challenges. The SOS community came together do do a cleanup day for the team at WHY Ranch. SOS volunteers ranked leaves & trash, pulled weeks, built flower beds, cut vines and raked dirt, rocks & took down Christmas decorations & more. Laura performed for the volunteers over lunch.

Here’s the video from the cleanup day at WHY Ranch with Laura Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFL97dygvLw

Here’s the interview with Laura Story from the SOS morning show:

Pictured (L to R) Robert Forbes (Promotion Dir/Middays), Laura’s 2 yr old son, Laura Story, Dan Young (MD/Afternoons), Scott Herrold (PD/Mornings)

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