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SOS Radio Celebrates 50 Years On The Air!

This year SOS Radio/Las Vegas is celebrating its 50th anniversary, the pledge drive theme this month was ‘50 years of stories & songs.’ (fall pledge drive was Tues, Wed & Thurs this week).

SOS Radio launched on KILA/Las Vegas (95.5) in 1972. KILA switched frequencies in 1985 from 95.5 to 90.5 FM. KILA became the flagship station of the SOS Radio network in the 1980s. KILA adopted new calls KSOS in 2005.

Through the years SOS Radio grew to add stations in Salt Lake City, Twin Falls, Victorville/Barstow, Missoula, Idaho Falls and 30 more cities today. SOS Radio studios are just 2 blocks off the World Famous Las Vegas Strip. (SOS Radio was the first 100,000 watt FM radio station in the state of Nevada) 

SOS Radio PD/Mornings Scott Herrold tells HisAir, “Our President & General Manager Brad Staley is celebrating 50 years on staff at SOS Radio. He was the first employee hired by our founder Jack French back in 1972. He was hired while he was still in high school to tape records. He thought he’d be doing radio production work, but Jack handed him a stack of vinyl records and scotch tape. Brad was tasked to tape up the sides of the record sleeves so they didn’t shred when the records were slid in and out of the shelves! The SOS Radio team honored Brad’s 50 years of service with a special gold record plaque after SOS wrapped up Sharathon!”

Chris Staley is the daughter of SOS Radio’s founder Jack French. She started as a weekend DJ as a teenager and she celebrates 48 years at SOS Radio this December. 

Scott adds, “Brad & Chris both grew through the ranks to work practically every job at the SOS Radio Ministry through the years. Obviously working together in the early years, they fell in love and we’re married – literally in the chapel of the radio station!) Today Brad is President & Chris is Vice President of SOS Radio & Faith Communications.

SOS Radio MD Chalmer Harper says, “There is not a moment that goes by that I am not grateful to be at SOS Radio with Brad as our leader. Brad’s leadership is defined by his compassionate heart, Christ-Centered vision, genuine prayers, fun loving, gentle nature, and outstanding character and integrity. Brad is the real deal, and I am thankful to be a part of his team – what a legacy!”

“Our entire city has been impacted by the heart of Brad & Chris Staley. They are so generous and fun to work with. I’m confident every person on our team has grown spiritually just from working with Brad & Chris through the years. They are true kingdom builders putting Jesus front & center,” says Herrold who’s been with SOS 15 years.

Pictured is the SOS Radio team L to R: Mike Mead, Marney Domeraski, Dan Grimes, Chris Gabriel, Paul Mead, Robert Forbes, Brad Staley, Scott Herrold, Chris Staley, Dawn Vincent, Blake Powers & Chalmer Harper.


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  • That was a great story about SOS. Love it and thankful for Brad, Chris and the rest of the staff.


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