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Sherri Lynn’s Play A Huge Success!

The Brant Hansen show co host/producer Sherri Lynn, written and directed musical comedy “The Bold and the Sanctified” was presented live stream nationwide this past weekend (Saturday February 26th) from Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL.

Sherri Lynn told HisAir today, “I started this production 6 years ago. If you told me it would end with thousands and thousands of people all across the globe watching it together, I would have never believed it. I’m so glad our little ol’ radio show gets to do things like this. I’m filled with gratitude!”

This “The Bold and the Sanctified is a comedy, about race, healing and unity in the church, and chronicles the struggles a black Pastor and white Pastor face when they combine their congregations for financial reasons. Racial conflict and tension ensue from the very beginning. From the choir to the pulpit to even the ushers – EVERYTHING is hilariously affected by the union! Can they make it work? With no better time to talk about race, this wildly funny musical gives the church an opportunity to lead the way.

EMF Motion Designer / Media Producer Jeremy Cho (pictured above with Sherri Lynn) directed the camera crew in the filming and livestreaming tells HisAir, ”I had the pleasure of directing a video team for the capture and livestream for the Bold and Sanctified play. Being a part of Sherri and Brant’s production was such a fun, memorable, and rewarding experience. Now that production has wrapped, our united hope is that this play will help people see race, religion, and The Church in a different light and how much more we need Jesus!”

Brant Hansen (who played a role in the play) had this to say, “The beauty of this, for us as a show, is having something to say that’s relevant and redemptive and Jesus-centered,” Brant said. “Sherri’s writing is honestly matched only by her ability to accumulate talent around her. Absolutely amazing musicians. I’m still in awe.”

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