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Selah Cosentino Interview 7-15-16

interview-selah-cosentino2016Selah Cosentino
Account Executive

Career Capsule: I moved from Arizona to Southern California to attend Vanguard University of Southern California.  Long before graduation, I knew I’d be staying here (yes, the ocean’s close proximity was one deciding factor).  In May 2014, I graduated with a BS in Business Administration and was extremely privileged to begin work at Ambassador Advertising Agency a month later.  I serve on the marketing team in three primary capacities: account management and strategic planning, social media community building and email marketing.  I’m a pastor’s kid, and for me, Ambassador is the perfect intersection where pastor’s kid meets business major.

  1. Selah, tell us what’s new at Ambassador… news, changes, expansion, with you… etc.

What’s top of my mind right now is the Olympics.  The Games are happening August 5-21 and I’m always excited to watch—especially the gymnasts.  One of the ministry organizations I work closely with, Museum of the Bible, has created a special program surrounding the Bible’s impact on the history and traditions of the Olympics.  I’ve already listened to it twice and am queuing it up again!  It’s fun and powerful—and really informative—and I believe every station should air it this August.  (There’s my shameless “agency person” plug!! )  Seriously, though, I’m learning so much about the Bible’s impact on history throughout the world—over many generations—through our Museum of the Bible partnership.

2. Tell us your role at Ambassador?

My official title is Account Executive, but my job really is to “connect the dots” for people.  I get to regularly help radio stations find the best programs for their mission, purpose, and format.  The other side of that coin is the privilege to assist ministries in seeking out those stations best matched as partners for the ministry’s program. 

The “connecting” theme is constant in everything Ambassador does.  So my role on the social media team, as one of the email campaign strategists and implementers, and overall as a co-laborer to the gifted professionals in the Christian radio industry––affords me the chance every day to share ideas and push forward on behalf of others.  It’s an awesome gig!

3. What are some ways Ambassador, and you, assist Christian radio stations?

I shared the overview in Question #2, so I’ll focus on the logistical front here.  With its 57 years of history––from the inception of Christian radio to the present––Ambassador is a “sounding board” for many throughout the industry.  That’s something I noticed very quickly upon joining the team!  We are privileged to provide easy and reliable distribution via Amb-OS satellite receivers to hundreds of stations globally (I’m NOT an engineer or producer, but the people who are tell me Amb-OS is the best thing that happened to them!). 

Also, as I mentioned before, we help stations connect the dots on social media.  What that looks like is our both creating and curating a variety of ministry graphics for easy sharing, as well as providing a complement of holiday-specific images, quotes, videos, and web banners for stations to use, and regularly engaging with stations on their social media platforms. We are daily commenting, liking, and retweeting/posting/sharing station posts to help them further their reach and partner in their mission.  We truly view ourselves as partners in the ministry of every one of our station relationships.  Social media is just another (powerful!) way to support the broader mission.

4. Some say more Christian stations in a market the better, do you agree with that, why or why not?

There are several factors to consider in answering this question.  The first is ministry—from a Kingdom-minded standpoint, “the more the merrier!”  As our end goal in Christian broadcasting is to direct listeners to our good God, every station has its place in the ecosystem.  Of course, there is always the economic viewpoint, as well.  It requires funding to operate any organization, and if a market is “overpopulated” with frequency options, it’s obviously difficult for some of the entities to break even.  I cringe every time a station closes its doors for that reason.  So, in short, I think every market should consider this question on a case-by-case basis.

5. What is the ONE thing you must have every day to do your job?

The Pilot G-2 0.05 mm black gel pen.  Seriously. 

6. What is the main thing that gives you the most fulfillment in your job on a daily basis?

As I believe many of your readers will resonate with, the sense that my tasks, goals, and interactions every day are serving not only a business objective, but Kingdom purpose. 

Additionally, with the current state of our world and culture, I am grateful for the opportunity to work in a Christian organization, where prayer in the office is not tolerated, but encouraged … where colleagues are more than fellow employees––they’re brothers and sisters … and where the work I do fosters growth in my relationship with Christ.  I can’t imagine better fulfillment!

7. Generally speaking to the industry, what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio?

In a world proliferated with options for content consumption, Christian radio must continue to create programs that are compelling and distinctive to the medium.  I’m a millennial, and I love Christian radio.  But I’ve found in speaking with my peers about the ministries I work with, they often don’t know what I’m talking about.  I’d love to see the connection between our industry and my generation spark and flourish.

8. Who are your radio heroes and influences? and why?

Al Sanders is a hero because of the way he pioneered the industry back in the 1950s.  He had an idea—a really good one!—and turned it into reality.  Growing up, I listened to Focus on the Family, never knowing Al was the one who urged Dr. Dobson to start a daily program after his success with the weekend broadcast.  Now, years later, I get to serve like-minded ministries because of Al’s following God’s call on his life and founding Ambassador.

Radio influences include Max Lucado, because he takes the personal aspect of radio seriously and speaks to listeners right where they’re at.  I always feel like an old friend is giving me life advice when I listen to Max.  Living near Los Angeles, I get to hear Frank Sontag on the drive home from work occasionally.  His no-nonsense—yet loving—approach to truth and culture inspires me to live more like Christ.

Truly, every time I attend the NRB Convention or call a station partner who’s been in the industry longer than I’ve been alive, I meet a new hero.  The commitment to excellence and the level of passion for Christian radio in the people who’ve been there “since the beginning” is remarkable.  And I’m fortunate to count myself among your colleagues.

6 thoughts on “Selah Cosentino Interview 7-15-16

    • Bill! Good to “hear your voice” — thank you for the encouragement and for all you do in your daily work! Blessings to you!

  • Love the interview, thanks for your dedicated work for the kingdom. Great mentor to others, love you and miss you!

    • THANK YOU, Ernestina! I can’t imagine not having family like you — appreciate the meaningful ways you show Jesus to me & others!

  • Great interview, Selah. Good to read about your background and the leading to Ambassador. Thanks for all you (and the other staff) do at Ambassador.

    • BILL! I’m just now seeing this, but thank you for the kind words … and more importantly, for who you are and how you live the life God’s given you. It’s a pleasure to serve alongside you in the Mission!


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