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Roxanne Richardson Interview

Roxanne Richardson
Morning co-host

Career Capsule: Roxanne is a radio and television veteran, currently co-hosting “Roxanne and Ace” weekday mornings on 93.7 WDJC in Birmingham, Alabama.  A registered chaplain, she has appeared on the Fox News Network, The 700 Club and The Learning Channel.  Roxanne was the Founding Board Member of Alabama’s only 24-hour shelter for women seeking refuge from human trafficking, called The Wellhouse Inc.  This faith-based non-profit agency has received the FBI’s Distinguished Leadership Award.  She also leads a group comprised of various local church members, called “Special Ops”, that ministers weekly to the lost and those being exploited at local motels and truck stops.  Roxanne has her own blend of coffee that benefits missionaries to Southeast Asia – info at mybrotherscup.com. In addition, she once served as a staff member at Church of the Highlands, where she led outreach efforts at The Birmingham Dream Center.  Roxanne enjoys public speaking, preaching, and has hosted numerous faith-based conferences.

Roxanne is married to Dr. Wayne Richardson, a Hoover, Alabama elementary school principal, and are parents to four adult children.  When not working, Roxanne can be found reading, cooking, exploring museums, traveling, and riding in a biplane!


Roxanne, tell us what’s new… latest news, changes, at WDJC & with YOU… etc?

I’m experiencing a season of triumph and trial. I am honored to have been named one of the Top Women in Alabama Media by Business Alabama Magazine, and I’m being featured in their current issue.  My wonderful husband is currently in treatment for bladder cancer.  We are at peace and we are trusting God for Wayne’s healing and restoration.


Christian Radio has become very competitive… what do you do to stand out from the crowd?

We emphasize being “live and local” and rotate 250 guests to pray for our listeners who call-in with requests on our Wednesday segment “A Call to Prayer.”  Although we’re a music station, we have extensive interviews with artists and Christian authors, and focus on local testimonies to emphasize changed lives through a relationship with Jesus.


What is the best show advice you’ve been given? The worst?

Good:  Bring your A-game every day.  This platform is a privilege and excellence ought to be synonymous to anything that has your name on it.

Bad:  Don’t make waves. Deciding to play it safe is a surefire way to achieve mediocrity.


Some say more Christian stations in a market the better, do you agree with that, why or why not?

More Christian stations means more opportunities to reach people for Jesus.


You work with a show partner, Ace, what is it that makes things click when working with a co-host?

Ace McKay and I are focused on Jesus, and then our friendship.  It’s tiresome trying to “fake” getting along with someone you see every day at 4am.  I am thankful that I miss Ace when I’m not with him! It helps that we are genuinely fond of each other, are a lot of alike, but have enough differences to keep that “spark” going.  I am a firm believer that it’s tough to “create” real chemistry.  You have it, or you don’t.  I think we do!


In your opinion, where will future Christian radio air talent come from?

We can generate talent from those leaving secular radio as it gets swallowed up in simulcasting.  Also, there are new converts like I once was, who are on fire for the Lord and want a place to freely share their faith.  Gone are the days when you moved across the country and started out at a tiny station to gain experience, and in a way, that saddens me.


Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio?

Christians are sometimes ruthlessly depicted in todays media as judgmental, fundamentalist, hate-inducing and close-minded people.  If we (Christians) live in misery and don’t reflect the fruits of the spirit, who wants what we have?   We have the answer, that we’re on the winning team in this life and the next, so our lives as Christian broadcasters should radiate with that victory.  As Jesus said, we’ll have tribulation, but he’s overcome it.  Are we truly a light on a hill and the fragrance of Christ?


Who are your radio heroes and influences? and why?

News Director Karen Hand of WBBM-FM in Chicago invested so much time in a young intern from Floyds Knobs, Indiana.  She encouraged me to take my first low-paying radio job hundreds of miles away because she believed in me.  Over thirty years later I’m still on the air!

Legendary Birmingham radio news personality Jim Dent was so patient, taking time to make me a better broadcaster.  I would attempt to emulate his incredible writing and sharp wit.

I reached out to Paul Finebaum of ESPN radio to strengthen my interview skills and he was so generous with his time.  He gave me advice that I still use today.

Laura Scotti of Crawford Broadcasting is a visionary who said “no one speaks at an event like you do.”  Her confidence in me has helped me in aways I cannot begin to properly describe.

I Heart Radio’s Rob Conrad has 40 plus years of major market on-air experience and is still going strong.  His work ethic and positive attitude are unsurpassed.

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    Why did you leave. I enjoyed your program so much


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