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Rob Wagman Consulting Advertising Authorities

Taking a page out of a Dave Ramsey book, veteran programmer and consultant Rob Wagman adds another stream of income to his portfolio as Marketing Consultant for Christian owned Advertising Authorities, an Industry trusted provider of printed marketing and promotional goods.

Advertising Authorities President Hal Rice tells HisAir.Net, “Rob Wagman, who was then with B93.7 WFBC in South Carolina, was our first client when we opened our doors in 1996. As we’ve grown to service radio and the music industry coast to coast, Rob has been an invaluable sounding board with stations wanting to make great impact, versus just printing a logo on something.”

Wagman stated, “Advertising Authorities’ consistent commitment to excellence and high quality make this union, which was long overdue, right on time.” Advertising Authorities is a longtime approved record label vendor, and presently serves WAY-FM, Centricity Music, Black River Christian, Universal Music among countless others.

Need a creative idea or quote, hit’em at rob@advauth.com or 646-745-4290 or go to www.advertisingauthorities.com

Pictured: Rob Wagman’s 2013 Wedding Groomsmen L to R:  Detroit programming legend Dom Theodore, present Entercom Top 40 Format Captain Brian Kelly, Madison Avenue Ad Agency Mad Man Tom Leach, Wagman, Father-in-law Chip Owensby, Hal Rice and iHeartRadio Country PD Jeff Kapugi.