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PraiseLive Releases “Sound Of Heaven”

PraiseLive announces it’s partnership with Global Voice of Prayer and other worldwide ministries in the release of the “Sound of Heaven”. The Sound of Heaven is a video with pastors and intercessors from around the world, asking God to hear from heaven and to heal our land. PraiseLive exclusively released the video on it’s Facebook page earlier this week and has already reached 370,000 people. 

Tim McDermott, COO of praiseLive, says, “This isn’t a broadcast from one country to the world.  It’s Christian leaders from churches and ministries from all across the world to churches and ministries all across the world.  PraiseLive’s vision is to see every tribe and nation experience Jesus together – not in isolation. It’s our joy to be a part of this worldwide program which will be touching millions of lives.”

Click HERE to watch and pray!


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