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Positive Media Inc CEO To Step Down

PositiveMedia (89.9 The Light/Melbourne, AUS) CEO Jarrod Graetz announced today he will step down in January 2022. 

The Board of Directors of Positive Media Incorporated says Graetz, has resigned  after  successfully  leading the organisation  for the past 10 years.

Jarrod joined PositiveMedia, home of 89.9 TheLight, in 2009 as Station Manager before being promoted to CEO in 2012. With his  futuristic,  strategic  and  people- focussed leadership style, he has overseen the  exponential  growth  of  the organisation. Under his leadership, 89.9 TheLight grew from 394,000 monthly listeners in 2009 to a peak of almost 1.3 million monthly listeners, making it the most listened to community radio  station  in  the  southern  hemisphere;  a  mantle  the  station  has  held for the last decade.

With an organisational vision to see “Every life alight with the love of Jesus”, Jarrod has steered PositiveMedia to deliver a message of hope and love in the city of Melbourne which has forever changed the hearts and minds of its listeners. PositiveMedia regularly hears stories from listeners of how the station  has  helped them in their times of need.

Jarrod told his staff in an email:

While the last decade significantly changed life for me and my family (indeed Ollie only knows life with his dad at PositiveMedia), it pales in comparison to the impact and growth we’ve brought to Jess and her family.

Recently, I spent time reflecting on leadership, and the gifts and skills God gave me. As I thought and prayed, God reminded me of a vision he gave me long ago, when I first arrived at PositiveMedia. He put me in front of an old-growth forest no one had tread through before, with a mandate to go forward. Behind me were thousands of people he trusted me to lead. The Lord showed me that he’d equipped me with everything necessary to work out the path ahead, provide safe passage, and shepherd every single one of those people through safely. Once through the forest, I saw a bridge across a wide river. On the other side lay a beautiful promised land, and I saw the people who had followed me running with excitement toward the promise… but at that moment, it became clear: God wasn’t calling me across the bridge. I felt him calling me to another forest, to help another group through.

Over the past twelve years, we’ve made it through some rough terrain together. We’ve also crested some mountaintops of victory and celebration. We’ve come to the next chapter in the story … and I’ve realised this is the crossroads where God is calling me to step aside and allow the next generation to lead.

While the news that I am leaving might come as a surprise to you, I’m convicted and feel as though I’m being called out of this assignment into something brand new. God showed me that he does have a plan for me in the next season. But I must leave PositiveMedia before I can learn the details of the plan. I am at complete peace with this, as I’m filled with His peace. Know that I love you and regard serving with you as one of the highest honours of my life.

There’s a scene in Acts 20 where Paul parts ways with a group of disciples on the beach in Ephesus. He says to them, “I held nothing back. I’ve given my all, and now I’m handing the baton to you. I’m calling you to finish the fight.” God has another frontier for me, another challenge. Another group of people. He needs me in that place. And he doesn’t want you to worry about me.

There’s a destination promised to you, and while I can’t be there to lead you through it, I will stand on the bank of this river, cheering you on. Celebrating you. Watching you make an eternal impact for God’s kingdom. I have high confidence in the executive team that will take over while God calls and establishes the new leadership. You’ll be in incredibly safe hands. You have a passionate and diligent Board with hearts for the station, who care deeply about the mission.

You have dedicated supporters and sponsors who show up no matter what. But most importantly, you have listeners who need what only Jesus can offer. They need to see their lives alight with the love of Jesus. Keep that mission at the forefront of everything you do, and you can’t fail.

Let me conclude with the words of Moses to Joshua: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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