Your Biggest Breakthrough

Todd & Wendie
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Todd Isberner and his wife, Wendie co-host and have guests share about their transformation stories about breakthroughs in faith, relationships, health, finances, careers, etc.

What's the podcast about? Well...

People have learned from other people’s stories since the beginning of time.

Stories stir the soul. Stories reveal. Stories heal.

Why? Because hearing someone’s story allows the listener to see how that person overcame their challenge. Everyone loves to see the victorious outcome from an underdog position and how one elevated to their “next level” in life.

In this podcast...Wendie and Todd will give you an inside look at someone who has had a personal or professional breakthrough that changed the course of their life, ultimately changing the course of those around them. Real people, real stories with real breakthroughs.

Each episode will give you truth, tools, and tangible take-aways that will inspire, equip and entertain you along your own life journey.

Lean in. Listen well. This could be Your Biggest Breakthrough!

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