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Pinkleton Pullaside Podcast
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Hello friends, welcome to the Pinkleton Pullaside Podcast!
In over 2 decades of past youth ministry my leaders and students poked fun at me when I would be in groups of people and peel off with one person to encourage and challenge (make better) it became known as a Pinkleton Pullaside.
That’s what we are trying to pursue here. Have a fun, fascinating, life-giving conversation with guests with great platforms, better stories that can add great value to your life.
Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or head on that drive down the road and let’s lean in and get the good and the gold from authors, pastors, sports personalities and their influencers, leaders and followers.
My name is Jeff Pinkleton, the executive director of The Gathering of the Miami Valley – we connect men to men and men to God.
Buckle up and let’s go!