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Join us each week as we explore making evangelism (sharing your faith) part of our every day, every moment, lifestyle.  It’s not as hard as you think and it’s more exciting than you could imagine!  We give you the tools to help you build your confidence.

Each week we also hear a testimony from a guest who makes sharing the gospel part of their normal lives.

Mark, a Pastor from Greenville, OH, attended a meeting in the Spring of 2016 where several Time to Revive team members shared the vision of the ministry and introduced the first concept of reviveOHIO. Mark came home from that meeting more excited than his wife, Jill, had seen him in a long, long time. She knew in that moment they would be involved with this ministry somehow. reviveOHIO kicked off in Darke County a few months later, and Mark and Jill were there from the very beginning. Their entire family jumped in, and as a result, they are now “addicted” to sharing the Gospel. Mark and Jill can’t imagine NOT being a part of this ministry … their lives have been forever changed!

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