Passion Meets Purpose with Sarah Taylor

Passion Meets Purpose with Sarah Taylor
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Charles Spurgeon once said “set yourself on fire… and people will come watch you burn.”
He was talking about passion. People are drawn to it…. they’ll come from miles to see it.
There’s something so compelling… so alive…
Join Sarah Taylor as she explores how you find your passion (what were you made to do?) and your purpose (how do you give back to the world?)
Passion Meets Purpose is story-driven – conversations with people just like you who are on fire… for the right things. For beautiful things. For things that matter.
The Passion Meets Purpose Podcast. Because when it comes to what God is doing in the world, and what God wants to do in YOUR life… this is fire worth spreading.
Passion Meets Purpose is Part of Purposely - a Podcast network of CRISTA Media.

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