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Why Do People Listen To Christian-Teaching Stations

Today at the National Religious Broadcaster Radio Summit event in Orlando, Finney Media President Chuck Finney highlighted the biggest reason that listeners listen to Christian-Teaching formatted stations.

“People come to grow spiritually,” Chuck said during the presentation. 91% of our Teaching survey respondents indicated it’s a main reason they listen to this format. These listeners tune in for good news—that’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ—and also good news of how their faith makes a difference in their daily life. Life is hard. Things hurt. And the Christian Teaching format provides hope.” 

Finney’s summit presentation highlighted eight key findings from the national Finney Media Why Listen?™ Survey 2016. For this format, the headlines include this surprise: Your Teaching listener comes to you for encouragement.

72%–almost three out of four—say a main reason they come to Christian Teaching radio is to be encouraged.  Finney also presented the Net Promoter scores for the format; they came in at 72, an extraordinarily high number that demonstrates positive listener passion for the format.

Concerning giving to Christian Teaching radio, 89% said that a main reason they give is because these stations “courageously teach God’s truth”. 

Headlines are available at finneymedia.com, and the NRB presentation can be requested at whylisten@finneymedia.com.

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