Paul Tipton “Do It Again”

A Simple Plan: Do It Again!


Let’s learn something from every other form of popular media: If the content is great… do it again!

TBS, TNT, Nickelodeon, USA, Hulu, YouTube, etc., they’re all showing reruns of our favorite shows. All the time. Why? Because we love great stuff on repeat.

Not only that, there are people watching it for the first time. There are new fans to be made.

Why do they do this? These shows have proven they connect and relate to an audience. What a shame it would be if you did not get the chance to watch these shows live when they aired and not be able to experience so many great moments and memories in our culture. 

What is my point? Simple: We should allow our on-air talent to re-air their best stuff. We need not limit ourselves to the chance that everyone heard that break when it hit the airwaves. The truth is, most of our listeners didn’t hear. And those that did? If it connects; if it’s entertaining; if it’s moving, well… they’d love to hear it again.

How do we know this? We play the best songs, over and over.

Why play a song that’s not as good? The same thing goes for anything on the air.

I know it’s not something GMs or PDs have always been comfortable with in the past. But it’s time to let your on-air talent record and save their work to use again and again and again.

No, this does not mean the talent is working less, in fact, they will work harder because they want each break to mean something even more now. Think about how many breaks are created for each show.

What if each break is the best, it can be and is hitting the mark? Isn’t that the goal?

Paul Tipton, began his career as a weekend announcer at WSCF, Vero Beach, FL.in 1990. Since then he has served in most roles of a radio station from programming to management to engineering, including tower climbing. Since 2009, Paul Tipton has been the Vice President of Christian FM Media group (aka, Smart Radio Suite) working with over 250 stations with programming challenges. From Major to Small markets, SRS, is serving stations with great content options such as, Brant Hansen, Lisa Barry, Doug Hannah, and more. To find out more: Paul@smartradiosuite.com

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  • We used to recycle bits all of the time. From the 6 AM hour to the 9 AM hour if we really like the bit. Or the next day or later that week and a different hour!


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