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PAR Exceeds Fundraising Goals

Positive Alternative Radio has exceeded its fundraising goal, ending its spring fundraising season.

“Our stations are thankful for God’s continued blessing and provision,” Brian Sanders, Executive Vice President said. “We are also humbled by the continued support of our listeners, many of whom are giving sacrificially to keep us on the air, going strong.”

PAR’s five stations serve communities where many families have been hit hard by rising costs at the gas pump and the grocery store. That makes the need for increased giving and high donor retention even more significant.

“Quite a few of our listeners commute a significant distance daily for work, so the jump in gas prices has hit them especially hard,” said PAR President Eddie Baker.
Sanders shared that PAR only uses its own on-air talent to host fundraisers. This has been the case for multiple years now. To Sanders, ongoing training is the key to PAR’s sustained success.

“Our teams train year-round to constantly improve how we share the opportunity to be part of what God is doing through our airwaves and outreach to the community,” said Sanders. “We build our strategy around sharing great stories of hope and healing.”

PAR is a non-profit ministry founded in 1985 by Edward Baker’s father, the late Dr. Vernon H. Baker and his mother, Virginia. Today, PAR owns and operates stations and networks in key markets in Virginia, eastern Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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