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Northwestern Media Receives Podcasting Awards

Two podcasts produced by Northwestern Media have received Spark Media awards for podcasting at NRB in Nashville. 

“The Unfolding received the award for “Best Interview Podcast”.

“We are honored and excited to have won the Best Interview Podcast Award from Spark Media” says host Meridith Foster. “The award really goes to the people who have authentically shared their God stories with us.  We couldn’t do The Unfolding without them.”


Summer Shepherd received the “Best Society and Culture Podcast” award for the program “No Seriously, How Do I Do This?”

“As creatives, there is so much vulnerability in putting something of ourselves into the world” says Summer. “As believers who are creating for Christ, the stakes can feel even higher. Receiving the “Best Society and Culture Podcast” award is affirming, definitely. But more than that it’s a reminder that people need the message that “No Seriously, How Do I Do This?” offers: that’s it’s ok to not have all the answers as a parent. My continued prayer is that people continue feeling seen by the work that we’re doing, and that more hearts find their source of hope and grace in Him.”


Jason Rackow, Northwestern’s Director of Podcasting says, “We’re grateful to the Spark team for recognizing Meridith and Summer’s podcasts. They both work so hard to tell creative and engaging stories that are having a real impact.”

Spark Media is working to award top podcasts that produce inspiring faith-based content, while working to spread hope to their audiences. https://www.sparkmedia.ventures/site/awards

“No Seriously, How Do I Do This?” and “The Unfolding” are a part of the Northwestern Media network of University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Northwestern Media operates 23 stations in 14 markets across 10 states.

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