New Releases

Songs Going For Adds Now

Elevation Rhythm “Better With You” 55 Promotion
Melinda Isley “Crazy” Revival Music Company
Apollo LTD “You” Centricity Music
Hulvey “Anchor” Reach Records
weRcalled “Upside Down” INDIE
Until Completion “Greater than my Obstacles” INDIE
Corey Lueck “I Was Created” INDIE
Mike Rathke “Every Era” INDIE
Branan Murphy “I Will Wait” Dream Records

Matty Mullins “No Hold On Me” Black River Christian
Stars Go Dim “It’s Gonna Get Better” Curb Word
Band Reeves “Come Rest” Desert Rock
G.L.O. (God’s Love Only) “No Weapon Formed” INDIE
Scott Chandler “Again (Featuring Wazer)” INDIE
DJ Standout ft. Evan Ford “Be There” INDIE
Melanie Waldman “Heaven Coming Down Feat. Alisa Turner” INDIE
The Worship Coalition “Good” INDIE
Adelaide Featuring JJ Weeks “My Miracle” INDIE
Manafest “Wake Me Up” INDIE
Ian Yates “The Unknowing” 7Core
Colton Dixon “Miracles” Fair Trade

Mark Tedder “Hurry Up” 7Core
Transform “Tongues Of Angels” Deeplife Records
Harvey Perdue “I’m Takin’ My Country Back” Copper Lily
Brooke Robertson “Taking My Voice Back” INDIE
Skylee Shea “Drowning” Encore Records
We Are Leo (feat. Elizabeth Grace) “IWKY” Dream Records
Stephen McWhirter “Grave Clothes” 55 Promotion

J. Douglas Wright “Blindspot” Mama’s Hippopotamus Music
Terretta Storm “Take Me Home” White Lion Audio
Timothy Davis “Run To You” INDIE
Corey Lueck “I Was Created” INDIE
Michael Richard Stosic “I Thank You” INDIE
Tina Boonstra “Out Of My Depth” INDIE
Cherie Brennan “You Be The Light” MC1 Nashville
Carissa Biele “Easier Said Than Done” INDIE
Mark Tedder “Stay” INDIE

Blanca “Shattered” Curb| Word Entertainment
Cade Thompson “Provider” Red Street Records
Melinda Isley “Stay In The Fight” revival Music Company
O’Cean Hill “Now Is The Time” INDIE
Hope Darst “Peace Be Still” Fair Trade Services
Mike Rathke “O Lord You’re Beautiful” INDIE

Anna Benton “The Story” INDIE
Emmanuel Abengowe “Send Me (I’ll Go)” INDIE
Saint Dru “Salvation Album” INDIE
Lincoln Brewster “Who Am I?” Integrity Music
Jason Fowler “Freedom” INDIE
Joshua Micah “Moving Through Me” 55 Promotion

We Are Messengers “Love (Won’t Let Go)” Curb Word Entertainment
Hannah Kerr “Ordinary” Black River Christian
Sheri Lynn Riley “Unseen, Not Unknown” INDIE
Rayon Baugh “My Heart Belongs To You” INDIE
Samuel Day “Spotlight” INDIE
Switch “Count Me In” Dream Records
Cynthia Knight “Your Name” INDIE
Cash Creek “Jesus Saved Me” Copper Lily
Mickey Turner “Voices” INDIE
Allan Scott Band “Fearless (feat. Charisah)” Found & Favored

Brad Alden “Good Day” INDIE
Chelsea Nogas “Holding on to You” INDIE
Lionel Green “My Everything” INDIE
John Schlitt “Feel It” INDIE
Ross Crawford “Firm Foundation” INDIE
Jeff Arrandale “To the Great I Am” INDIE
Andrew Marcus “Take All Of Me” INDIE
Daryl Boyer “Washed In The Blood” NNS Records
Forsaken Hero “I Will – Neon Feather Remix” INDIE
Jaime Masetta “Heal Me” INDIE
Alenka Manka “The Hands of Jesus” Revival Music Company
Pastor AJ Beech & Greater Anointed “No One Like You” Revival Music Company

Bethany Music “Speak” INDIE
Brittany Bexton “Believe Again” INDIE
Boiling Point”Legend” INDIE
Thrive Worship “A Thousand More” Integrity Music
Unspoken “You’ve Always Been” Centricity Music
Ledger “My Arms” Fair Trade

Corey Lueck “Dance” INDIE
Coby James “Pressure” Centricity Music
Melinda Isley “Stay In The Fight” Revival Music Company
Barry Branham “Lay it All Down” INDIE
Ric Meeks “Blessed” INDIE
NewKings “No River” INDIE
Alicia & Whitney “All For Nothing” INDIE
LouAnn Lee “Love” INDIE
Kezia Alford “Source of All My Joy” MC1 Nashville
Candy & Jeremy “Worth The Journey” Copper Lily
Fred Spencer and Forgiven “Tired Of Sin” Copper Lily
Andrew MarshallL “Get Your Praise On” Copper Lily
Lisa Daggs “Regardless” MC1 Nashville
Jenna Parr “Break Me” INDIE
Avalon “Only One” Red Street Records
Cory Asbury “The Father’s House” Bethel Music

Daryl Boyer “Washed In The Blood” INDIE
Mathew Maciel feat. Archi “Move” INDIE
Sam Butler “Glorious Fool” Revival Music Company
Jermaine Bolinger “By His Stripes” INDIE
Gold Frankincense & Myrrh “I Don’t Need Your Fantasy” INDIE
Nevaeh “Undivided Devotion” INDIE
Cory Barnes “All of Me” INDIE
thurane “Worthy” INDIE
Jason Gray “Remind Me You’re Here” Centricity Music

Stars Go Dim “It’s Gonna Get Better” Curb l Word Entertainment
Elevation Worship “See A Victory” 55 Promotion
J. Douglas Wright “Blindspot” Mama’s Hippopotamus Music
Daryl Boyer “Washed In The Blood” NNS Records
Ian Yates “Loved By You” 7 Core Music
Mawcore “Breath” INDIE
Barry Lee White “That’s All I Need” Square One Records
Taylor Vaden “New Season” INDIE
Pastor AJ Beech & Greater Anointed “No One Like You” Revival Music Company
Whitlee Casey “Keep The Fire Burning” INDIE
Missy Robertson “The Way He Sees You” INDIE

Big Daddy Weave “I Know” Curb | Word Entertainment
Michael W. Smith feat. Vanessa Campagna “Waymaker” 55 Promotion
Mark Pogue “The Answer” INDIE

Phil Wickham “Great Things” Fair Trade
Micah Tyler “AMEN” Fair Trade
One Light “One Light” INDIE

Ross Crawford “Firm Foundation” INDIE

Teresa Jae “Joy” Revival Music Company
Tammy Renee “God Is In The House” INDIE

Ric Meeks “Blessed” INDIE