New Releases

Songs Going For Adds Now

Fellowship Creative – Through & Through – INDIE
The Belonging Co – Jesus Over Everything – INDIE
Briana Calhoun – Let Jesus Drive – INDIE
Brandon Heath – We Need Emmanuel – Centricity
Munday Martin – Silver Lining – INDIE
Point of Grace – Gloria (The King Has Come) – Curb Word
Nikki Kano – I will not be afraid – INDIE
Greg Ward – Hallelujah Express – INDIE
LeQuita – All Things – INDIE
Bisola – Let the Healing Begin – INDIE

Stars Go Dim – Yes He Does – Curb Word
Brandon Lake – Too Good To Not Believe – Bethel Music
Michael Dean Church – Resonate – INDIE
Mark Yandris – Amazing God (feat. Joshua Carter) – INDIE
Keith Salisbury – Better Man – INDIE
Paul Wilbur – The Battle is Yours – AWKNG Records
Hannah Kerr – Forever Evergreen – Black River
Christafari – Jireh – INDIE
Lola Farinu – Only Hope – INDIE
Tiffany Coburn – Nobody Knows Better Than Me – StowTown

Katy Weirich – Joy to the World | Hallelujah – INDIE
Dara Maclean – Forever Family (I Belong) – INDIE
Anna Waters – Deep – INDIE
Iveth Luna – In You – Red Street
Dj Maj – I’m Gonna Live [ft George Mhondera] – INDIE
Brave Machine – Brave Machine – INDIE
Lola Farinu – Only Hope – INDIE
Reviving Dayvid – Jesus Train – Nashtown
4EVA – I’m a Believer – INDIE
Corey Lueck – Lord Prepare Me – INDIE
Cori & Kelly – Rainbows – INDIE
Jay Powell – Out Of Nothing – INDIE

Francesca Battistelli – God is Good – Curb Word
Thrive Worship – Pour Your Spirit Out- Integrity Music
Julius Adams – I Have Faith – INDIE
Randy and Jade Fisher – Do You Know Who You Are – INDIE
Bisola – Let the Healing Begin – INDIE
Michael Hiskey – Creed – INDIE
Royce Hood – From this Rock – INDIE
Steve Bridgmon – Jesus Still Loves Me – INDIE
Rhonda Towns – Walking In Your Wonderful Light – INDIE
The Lore Family – The World Needs A Song – Sonlight

Bethany Barnard – You Know – INDIE
Red Rocks Worship – Echo Holy – PLG
Natalie Nicole Gilbert – Pie Jesu – INDIE
Backstage Revival – I Know You Are With Me – INDIE
The Knight Family – My Hope Is In The Blood – INDIE
Ben Compton – Home – INDIE
Mireille Pruneau – You’re Left Standing – INDIE
Dr Jaymz – Tidal Wave – INDIE
Jason Fowler – Wherever I Go – INDIE
The Talleys – Testify – Sonlight

Baylor Wilson – Joy Comes In The Morning – Fair Trade
Mark Yandris – Fire Of God – INDIE
Paul Wilbur, Shae Wilbur – We Call Your Name – INDIE
Monique Maffei Hester – Victory – INDIE
Acoustic Truth – Circle My Dreams – INDIE
Steve Bridgmon – Jesus Still Loves Me (Featuring Jeff Bates & Danielle Wilson) – INDIE
Fishburn – Pray To Me – INDIE
Daughters Of Christ – Watch Him Work – RMC
CeCe Winans feat. Lauren Daigle – Believe For It – Fair Trade
Against Deception – Hearts in the Clouds – INDIE
Mitch Langley – Who My God Is – INDIE
Jordan St. Cyr – Weary Traveler – INDIE
The Old Paths – How Good The Good News Feels – Sonlite
The Browns – Take Me Back – StowTown
Les Butler and the Primitive Quartet – I Am So Blessed – Family Music Group
Old Time Preachers Quartet – Joy Comes in the Morning – Family Music Group
Heart2Heart – God Can Hear Tears Fall – Family Music Group
Tim Livingston – Inside Information – Family Music Group

Matt Maher – Joyful Noise – PLG
Rahn Anthoni – I Am Free – INDIE
Jessica Reedy – I Feel Loved – RMC
Writing Rounds Gospel – Victory Belongs To You feat. Jelinda Hill – RMC
Rod Forte – This Is It & We Need You Now – INDIE
Port City Quartet – Empty Cross Empty – Family Music Group
Dave Adkins – Say Jesus – INDIE
The Guardians – It’s Still Good News – StowTown
Cana’s Voice – Hope – StowTown

The Color – Better Way – Dream
Tedashii – Lights In The City Reach Records
Steph Alessi Muiña – Wouldn’t Change A Thing – Integrity Music
PTtheGospelSpitter – Live in Me feat. Miquel – INDIE
Jason Fowler – Wherever I Go – INDIE
Bobby & Teddi Cyrus with Billy Ray Cyrus – Roll That Rock – INDIE
Freewill – Clutch – INDIE
Christian Nuckels – Follow – INDIE
Jennifer Marie – You Can Whisper – INDIE
Lesley Jones – Nothing Without You – INDIE
Sansone – With Me Now – INDIE
The Steeles – Faithful Once Again – StowTown

Micah Tyler – Walking Free – Fair Trade
Sidewalk Prophets – I Believe It Now – Curb Word
Branan Murphy – Better King Dream
Lydia Laird – I’ll Be Okay – PLG
The Cashmans – Burn- INDIE
Caspar McCloud Band – How Close We Are – INDIE
Colton Dixon – Can’t Quit You – Fair Trade
Aaron Bozwell – On The Wings Of Eagles – INDIE
Fireflight – Keep Your Head Up – NAshville Label Group
Norman Lee Schaffer – That’s My King – INDIE
Madontrenique “Mona” Fenner – Troubles Don’t Last Always – RMC
The Kramers – Pray ‘Til Something Happens In Me – StowTown

Brandon Heath “Human Nature” Centricity
Bert & Reva Staton – Jesus Is The Rock and That’s The Way That I Roll- INDIE
Tori Harper X Neon Feather – Horizon – INDIE
Royce Hood – Fulton’s Song – INDIE
DUPREE – Can You Feel It (Change Gonna Come) – INDIE
War and Pierce – Mercy – INDIE
Mitch Langley – Who My God Is – INDIE
Zane and Donna King – Everyday Battles – StowTown
Mark Bishop – Some Distant Mountain – Sonlite Records
Zachary Ray – The Search – INDIE
KJ-52 – Glory To God – INDIE
The Browns – Brave – StowTown

MercyMe feat. Sam Wesley “On Our Way” Fair Trade
NEEDTOBREATHE “I Am Yours” Centricity
Zach Williams “Heaven Help Me” PLG
for King & Country “Relate” Curb Word
Jenna Parr – T.K.O – INDIE
Charles Davids – Blessin – INDIE
Legacy Five – Given, Buried, Risen – StowTown Records
Chris Liverman -Purpose – RMC
The Lore Family – Run To The Throne – Sonlite Records
Blake Whiteley featuring Brianna Caprice – Sons and Daughters – INDIE
Reese Collective – 3 Songs for Worship Programming – INDIE

Cory Asbury “Egypt” Bethel Music
Dia Viola – No One RMC
John Cable – Seek Yee First – RMC
Melinda Isley – You – RMC
Rachel Hale – Promised Land – INDIE
Rhonda Towns – Walking In Your Wonderful Light – INDIE
Sweetwater Revival “Fool’s Gold” Family Music
Voice of Truth Qt. “He Controls the Peace” Family Music

All Creatures “[wonder working]” INDIE
Ryan Ellis “Heart of the Father” PLG
Rick Lee James “Shine A Light In The Darkness” INDIE
The Kingdom Heirs and 3 Heath Brothers “A Good Day Coming On” Sonlite Records
Rayon Baugh “CITY of GOD” INDIE

Mike Donehey “All Together” Fair Trade
Sarah Reeves “Not My Style” (R3HAB Remix) Curb Word
Natasha Owens “Lion” Radiate
We Are Messengers “Come What May” Curb Word
DUPREE “Everlasting Love (Austin Cannon Remix)” INDIE
We Are Vessel “You Hold It All” INDIE
Marieann Meringolo “I Am Blessed” INDIE
Backstage Revival “Gentle Whisper” INDIE
Faithful Crossings “Timeless” BMG
Willilamsons “Read it Again” Family Music Group
Kershaw “Wash Me Clean” INDIE
Blake Whiteley featuring Brianna Caprice “Sons and Daughters” INDIE
The New Cool “ComeBack” INDIE
Carl Ray “I Can See Clearly Now” INDIE
The Talleys “Mountain Mover” (Live) Horizon
TaRanda sings “Somebody Told Me About Jesus” StowTown
Joel Vaughn “Make The Most Of It” Dream Records
Triumphant Quartet “How Saved I Am” StowTown

Patrick Mayberry “Holy Spirit Come” Centricity
Elias Dummer “Expectation” INDIE
Ken Gober “Unchangeable” INDIE
Joe Naccarato “Rescue Me” (feat. Amber Jo-Bowman) INDIE

Phil Wickham “House Of The Lord” Fair Trade
Casting Crowns “Scars in Heaven” PLG
Ryland Angel & David Merrill “Chant Electronique” INDIE
Dawkins and Dawkins “In My Feelings” INDIE
Chris Liverman “Purpose” RMC
Michael O’Brien (featuring Meghan O’Brien) “Beauty Of It All” INDIE
College Street Worship “Speak Revival” INDIE
V Squad “Kingdom Talk” VSM
Pivotal Awakening “Praise the Glory” INDIE
Timothy Davis “The Cross” (remastered) INDIE
Paid In Full “Too Much” StowTown

Abby Robertson “Sanctuary” INDIE
Cade Thompson “Source of Life” Red Street
Citizens “Light Of Your Grace (Radio Version)” Integrity Music
Alveda King w/ Kathie Lee Gifford “Your Way Yahweh” INDIE
Hannah Kerr “Same God” Black River Christian
Shawna Cain “Woke (Farrah’s Confession)” INDIE
Lesley Jones “Builder of All Things” INDIE
Gav Brown “Jesus” INDIE
Clipreel “Falsely Accused” INDIE

Josh Baldwin “Into the Wild” Bethel Music
Austin French “Rest For Your Soul” Fair Trade
Lakewood Music (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) “In The Name” INDIE
Corey Lueck “We Never Stop” INDIE
Ron Rawls “Ain’t Nobody Like Jesus” INDIE
Miss Angie “Joy Rider” INDIE
Relent “Ghost” INDIE
Darryn Zewalk “Impatient” INDIE
Shaylee Simeone “Ever Closer” INDIE
Josh Wilson “Undeniable” Black River Christian

Nonah “Jump” INDIE
Coby James “Brand New” Centricity Music
Building 429 “Not Finished Yet” INDIE
Eli Badillo “Never Let You Go” INDIE
Laura Story “Hello Unknown” Fair Trade
Jaime Masetta “Searching” TMA Media
B Slade “I Am A Man” INDIE
Miss Angie “Alive” INDIE
Kershaw “Wash Me Clean” INDIE
Matthew Parker & Sajan Nauriyal “Roses” Dream Records
The Steeles “Faithful Once Again” StowTown

Cherie Brennan “Born Again (How Can I Be Born Again)” INDIE
Shelly Wilson “Let the Fire Fall” INDIE
H.E.R. & Tauren Wells “Hold Us Together (Hope Remix)” PLG
The Perry’s “Keep Moving Along” Stow Town
Shaylee Simeone “Ever Closer” INDIE
Darryn Zewalk “Impatient” INDIE
G.L.O God’s Love Only “Ignited” INDIE
Blake Whiteley featuring Brianna Caprice “Sons and Daughters” INDIE
Ernie Haase and Signature Sound “Keep On Keeping On” Stow Town

VERSES “Thankful” Fair Trade
Ascent Project “Tell My Fight” INDIE
Maverick City Music “Promises” INDIE
Apollo LTD “Sunday Morning Feeling” (feat. Ryan Stevenson) Centricity Music
Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (GFM) ‘Where Were You’ indie
John Vento “Let God Drive” INDIE
Pivotal Awakening “Praise the Glory” INDIE
Midway Music and Matt Seagle “Highs and Lows” INDIE

Blanca “Even At My Worst” Curb Word
The Rock Music “All Around (feat. Steele Croswhite)” Dream Records
Sarah Kroger “A Thousand Thank Yous” Integrity
Joel Vaughn “Make The Most Of It” Dream Records
Singer Dr. B… “Spirit of Light” INDIE
Chandler + Maria Letner “He Reigns” INDIE
Lance “World Needs A Little More Love” INDIE
Leah Oduro-Kwarten “I’m Yours” RMC
Matthew West “What If” PLG

Andrew Ripp “Rejoice” INDIE
Zauntee “Glory” Fair Trade
Mat Kearney “Anywhere With You” Indie
Clipreel “Falsely Accused” INDIE
Love Like Gravity “Devil’s In The Details” INDIE
Bringing Home “Waiting” INDIE

Jonny Diaz “Meet Jesus” Centricity
Matty Mullins “Show You The Cross” Black River Christian
JOKIA “Yahweh” (Studio Version) INDIE
Eddie Ray Arnold “Amazing Grace Amazes Me” INDIE
The New Cool “ComeBack” INDIE
Matthew Parker & Sajan Nauriyal “Roses” INDIE
The Rescued “Fill My Cup” INDIE
Band Reeves “Wild Oats” Cedar Creek Records
Scott Cramer “Free Ride” INDIE
The Kramers “The Hope Of All Tomorrows” StowTown Records
Rhonda Towns “Walking In Your Wonderful Light” INDIE
Celebration Worship “Anything Can Happen” AWKNG Records
White Stone Receivers “Thank You Jesus” 7Core
Sincere Praise “Highest Praise” INDIE
Jaime Masetta “Parts of Me” INDIE
Ayiesha Woods “Indebted” INDIE
Jonathan Jenkins “Your Will Be Done” INDIE
Luke O’Neal “Scar and Nail” INDIE
Mathew Maciel “Think of Me” INDIE

Colton Dixon “Made To Fly” Fair Trade
Jay Powell “Out Of Nothing” INDIE
Vin Deca “Forgiveness” INDIE
HeIsTheArtist “Childish” INDIE
Timothy Davis “The Cross” (remastered) INDIE
Daniel Crabtree “The Way It Is” INDIE
Joel Vaughn “Make The Most Of It” Dream Records
Paid In Full”Too Much” StowTown Records
Tauren Wells featuring Rascal Flatts “Until Grace” PLG

Ty Brasel “Destiny” Curb Word
Lincoln Brewster “Move” Intefrity
Jason Gray “Bring It All” Centricity
May Angeles “Never Wanna Go Back” INDIE
Elevation Worship “Rattle!” INDIE
Melissa Leigh Featuring Claudette King “Sun Shine Down” Copper Lily
Katie Linendoll “Jericho Battle Cry” INDIE
Carolyn Arends “To Cry for You” INDIE
Scott Wesley Brown “Victory Hymn” INDIE
Jan Blaising “Mountaintops and Oceans” INDIE

The Erwins “This Love” StowTown Records
Tasha Layton “Look What You’ve Done” Tooth & Nail Records/BEC Recordings
CAIN “Yes He Can” Provident
Rebekah Reitzel “All Things New” INDIE
Attaboy “Waking Up” INDIE
Bringing Home “Waiting” INDIE
Jaime Masetta “Overwhelmed” INDIE
Lance “World Needs A Little More Love” INDIE
Michael Land “Standing On Truth” INDIE
Dante Bowe “Joyful” Bethel Music
Sansone “Maverick” INDIE
Jack Cassidy “Let Go, Let God” Fair Trade

Alive City “Clear Now” INDIE
Charles Billingsley “Sing For My Soul” StowTown Records
Carl Ray “I Can See Clearly Now” INDIE
Turi Aleta “Girls Like Me” Copper Lily
The House Band “Calling Us Home” INDIE
Paul Good “Enter In” INDIE
John kano “How Great You Are” INDIE

Alicia & Whitney “Chasing Me Down” INDIE
Natural State “Steady” INDIE
Dan Adams “You Are” INDIE
Mark Peterman “Redeemed” INDIE
Abraham D. “I found You” INDIE