New Releases

Songs Going For Adds Now

St. Louis Worship Collective “iPraise” INDIE
Rose Awuku “Breakthrough” INDIE
Barry L. White “Close To Home” Square One Records
Dayvid “Stronger” INDIE
Hulvey feat. Lecrae & Svrcina “Reasons” Reach Records
Lloyd Nicks “Never Fail” 55 Promotion

KJ-52 “One Year Ago” INDIE
Justin Gambino “Fighting On My Behalf” INDIE
Saint Dru, Scott Simms “Isaiah 41:10” INDIE
Teresa Jae “Create In Me” RMC
Stephen McWhirter “Glory Hallelujah” INDIE
The Bride Worship “What a Saviour” INDIE
Shawna Cain “Look Back” INDIE
Branan Murphy “This World Is Not My Home” Dream Records

Yemi Alafifuni “Behold The Lamb” INDIE
Craig Murchison “Jesus Song” INDIE
Brian & Jenn Johnson “God Of Revival” Bethel Music

Brad Alden “New Soul NOW” INDIE
Mercedes Nodarse “My Savior” INDIE
Aaron Shust “Mountain Of The Lord” INDIE
Lena Paige featuring Tanya Tucker “Joan of Arkansas” INDIE
Of the Day “Didn’t He” INDIE
MercyMe “Say I Won’t” Fair Trade

Asarela “Make All Things New” INDIE
Jaime Masetta “Most High God” INDIE
Andrew Kurtz “Mercy Says” RMC
Lindsay Ray “The War Within (Set Me Free)” RMC
Chad Chaney “When I First Met You” INDIE
Andrea Olson “Monument” INDIE
The Cashmans “Burn” Fuel Music
Corey Lueck “Key to my Heart” INDIE
Ryan Edgar “Somebody Testify” INDIE
Jason Crabb “Just As I Am” Red Street

Critical Mass. “Serenity” INDIE
Dupree “Never Forget” INDIE
Bisola “We Ain’t Gonna Lose” INDIE
Light45 “The Medic” INDIE
Ayanda Khumalo “Creed” INDIE
Futures “Just So Good” Dream Records
Jordan Feliz “Next To Me” Centricity Music
Michael B Reddy “God’s Gonna Heal Your Broken Road” INDIE
Matt Hammitt “Try” INDIE
Matt Redman “All Praise” (Radio Edit) Integrity Music

Dwayne Campbell “Welcome To Church” INDIE
Holly Halliwell “You” INDIE
Judah First Band “Atmosphere” For Him Records

Scott Cramer “It Ain’t Over Yet” INDIE
Sherry Nwosu “Everyday” INDIE

Anna Waters “Walkin’ on the Water” INDIE
Hope Darst “Promise Keeper” Fair Trade Services

Michael Stosic “Glory in the Highest” INDIE
Joel Vaughn “Already Done” Dream Records
Damian Spaulding “My Anthem” INDIE
Anna Benton “I Know A Father” INDIE
Caspar McCloud “Black Swan” INDIE
Byron Woo “Lord Knows” INDIE

PEABOD “Heavenly Father” Centricity Music
Judson Roy “HOPE” INDIE
Cathy Segal-Garcia “Sermonette” INDIE
Shelby Blondell “Live By The River” INDIE

Kelly Vaughn “I Believe in Your Power” INDIE
Lecrae feat. Kirk Franklin “Sunday Morning” Reach Records
Torn Sky “Beast” INDIE
Michael Land “One Life Matters” INDIE
Astral Voyage “FIYA!!!” INDIE
Barry L. White “Blood Of Jesus” Square One Records

Lionel & Leslie “Praise Him” INDIE
Dupree “Your Way” INDIE
Leah Oduro-Kwarten “I’m Yours” RMC

David Arn “Mothers Day” INDIE
Richard Lynch “He’ll Make Everything Alright” INDIE
Chad Bushnell “That Ain’t My Church” MC1 Nashville
Tay (T-Man) Menafield “He Deserves All The Praise” INDIE
Jonathan McReynolds “Grace” Entertainment One
Brittany Bexton “Kissin Fear Goodnye” INDIE
Mike Marshall “JESUS.” INDIE
Bethany Cruz “The Turnaround” 55 Promotion
Stars Go Dim and Social Club Misfits “I Look To You” Curb Word

UP! “Faith Doesn’t Fade” INDIE
Selah “Hello, Grace” 3Cre8tive
Chaotic Resemblance “Unto The Lamb” INDIE
Scott Cramer “If I Stumble” INDIE
Jaime Masetta “What Love Looks Like” INDIE
Norman Hutchins “God’s Got A Blessing” INDIE
Terrian “Light It Up” Gotee Records

Jason Biddle “I Need You Now” INDIE
Maverick City Music “Man Of Your Word” INDIE
Yemi Alafifuni “Chains Fall” INDIE

S-Dee “Love You More” INDIE
Embers Worship Music “Confession” INDIE
Jefferson “On Our Side” INDIE

Davie L. Wright Featuring Ursela Camille “Did U Know That” INDIE
Taylor Vaden “Covered” INDIE
Dalton Lee “Evermore” INDIE
College Street Worship “Hope Like Fire” and “All For Freedom” INDIE
House of Peace “Send Your Fire” INDIE
Soar “A Day Awaits” INDIE
Josh Eason “Trust In You” INDIE
Hannah Kerr (Feat. Cochren & Co.) “Here To Stay” Black River Christian
Gallery “Beacon” INDIE
Sansone “Jump” 55 Promo

Brother H-963 “Sing to the LORD” INDIE
Byron Woo “Trust Me” INDIE
Antwan Jenkins “Victory” INDIE
Danielle Hutchins “Angry Hearts” INDIE
Holly Halliwell “You” INDIE
Taylor Made Millz ft Canton Jones “Catch Me” INDIE
Jeromy Shawn Deibler “Soul Finds Rest” INDIE
Mercedes Nodarse “My Savior” INDIE
Eliza Gilkyson ft. Sam Butler “Peace In Our Hearts” Compass Records
Colton Dixon “Devil Is A Liar” Fair Trade
We Are Messengers “Image of God” Curb Word
Phil Wickham “Battle Belongs” Fair Trade

G.L.O. “Closer” INDIE
Chris Liverman “Joy Of Life” RMC
Throwback Kid “Back to the 90’s” INDIE
Lena Paige (featuring Tanya Tucker) “Joan of Arkansas” Grass Roots
Brandon Lake “I Need A Ghost” Bethel Music
Zauntee “I’m Sorry” Fair Trade

Bisola “We Ain’t Gonna Lose” INDIE
Skylee Shea “When I Speak Your Name” INDIE
Jeanette Whiten “Why Search For Love” INDIE
Paige + Jer Feat. Christon Gray “On My Way” INDIE
Michael Land “One Life Matters” INDIE
Wes Taylor “Never Wonder (feat. Maggie Amini)” INDIE
Natalie Grant “Face to Face” Curb Word Records
Hulvey “Otherside” Reach Records
Apollo LTD “Patient” Centricity Music
Micah Tyler “New Today” Fair Trade

Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (GFM) “SMILE” INDIE
Marie Ginefanyi “Cool Daddy” INDIE
Pivotal Awakening “Not That Different” INDIE
Michael Land “One Life Matters” INDIE
Kelly Vaughn “I Believe in Your Power” INDIE
Art Suriano “God Is Light” INDIE
Evan and Eris “Hands In It” INDIE
Chava Mirel “Blessed Love” INDIE
Sheri Lynn Riley “Peace With The Lord” INDIE
Andrew Morris “Faithful Father” INDIE
Deitrick Haddon “Complete Me” Entertainment One
Trisha Yearwood “I’ll Carry You Home” INDIE
Rare of Breed & Loren Day “Stained Glass Windows” INDIE

Rick Lee James “Advent Hymn (Watching, Waiting, Longing)” INDIE
Julie Elias “Wherever You Roam” INDIE
Brandon Watson “Just Want To Be With You” Be Wise
Frank Thompson Jr “My Everything” INDIE
Noa Sabi “A & O” INDIE
Wande “No Further” Reach Records
Beckah Shae “Awake” INDIE
Lloyd Nicks “Never Fail” INDIE

Zachary Ray “Rebel Hearts” INDIE
Eliseo Badillo Jr. (Eli) “Grateful to You” INDIE
Bisola “We Ain’t Gonna Lose” INDIE
Dakota Brown “Safe in His Hands” INDIE
Clarence Fountain ft. Sam Butler “I Know Where I’m Going” RMC
Franklin McKay “Breath of Life” INDIE
The Reids “Take Time” INDIE
Scott Chandler “New Life Can Start Today” Ever Bright Music
Cory Asbury “Sparrows” Bethel Music
Alive City “Lay ‘Em Down” INDIE

Shawna Cain “None Like You” INDIE
Band Reeves “Hold On Job” INDIE
Andrew Kurtz “Mercy Says” RMC
Lindsay Ray “The War Within (Set Me Free)” RMC
Jaime Masetta “Most High God” TMA Media
Pivotal Awakening “Not That Different” INDIE
Skylee Shea “When I Speak Your Name” INDIE
3 Miles High “Issues” 55 Promo
Jack Cassidy “Run At The Giant” Fair Trade
Tim Timmons “You Never Let Go (Feat. Tammi Haddon)” Integrity
Jason Gray “Glory Days” Centricity
Charlie Rey “Ready To Go” INDIE

Elenee Young “All You’ve Done” IINDIE
Michael Land “One Life Matters” INDIE
Andrew Morris “Faithful Father” INDIE
Christon Gray “See You Soon” INDIE
Mathew Maciel “Resisting You” INDIE
Andrew Ripp “Jericho” INDIE

Elevation Worship “Graves Into Gardens” 55 Promotion
Citizen Way “Love Has Won” INDIE
Art Suriano “Praise The Lord, Sing Hallelujah” INDIE
Franklin Mckay “The Message” INDIE
Natalie Grant “Face to Face” Curb Records
Corey Lueck “Smilin'” INDIE
Maverick City Music’s “Man of Your Word” INDIE
Joel Vaughn “Already Done” Dream Records
Jason Biddle “Come On In” INDIE
Meredith Andrews “Faith and Wonder” Curb l Word Entertainment

V Squad “Pray Then Go Hard” INDIE
Kate Stanford “Change” INDIE
Phillips, Craig & Dean “There Is A God” INDIE
Vaughn Owens “The Anchor” INDIE
Winona Avenue “Masterpiece” INDIE
Life.Church Worship “God So Good” Dream Worship
Cade Thompson “Every Step of the Way” Red Street Records
Switch “Jump” Dream Records
Branan Murphy “Good” Dream Records
Big Daddy Weave Single “This Is What We LIve For” Curb l Word Entertainment

Reviving Dayvid “Opened Up” INDIE
Rose Awuku “Just One Touch” INDIE
Davie L. Wright Featuring Ursela Camille “Did U Know That” INDIE
Cori & Kelly “Victory Song” INDIE
K-Ci Hailey “Jesus Saves” P Music Group
Paige + Jer Feat. Christon Gray “On My Way” INDIE
Mission House “Bet All I Have” Integrity Music
Skillet “Terrify The Dark” Fair Trade
Dante Bowe “Champion” Bethel Music

Lily Kelly “I Surrender” INDIE
Rachael Nemiroff “Temporary” INDIE
Mercedes Nodarse “I Want to Follow You” INDIE
Rare of Breed & Loren Day “Stained Glass Windows” INDIE
Caspar McCloud “Like A Thief In The Night” INDIE
Alicia & Whitney “Chasing Me Down” INDIE
The Quarantine All-Stars “Quarantine” INDIE
Rebecca St. James “Dawn” INDIE
Coby James “Born Ready” Centricity Music
Barry Branham “Lay it All Down” INDIE
Matthew Tuck (ft. Christon Gray) “Life With You” INDIE
Samuel Day “Rise” INDIE
Newsboys “Love One Another” Fair Trade
NEEDTOBREATHE “Who Am I” Centricity Music
Sarah Reeves “Just Want You” Curb Word

Seventh Day Slumber “Eternity” Nashville Label Group
Frank Myers “Gods Got This” INDIE
Corey Lueck “I Was Created” INDIE
Laura Kaczor “Forever” Life Thirst
Winona Avenue “Masterpiece” INDIE
We Are Vessel “Light Broke the Darkness” INDIE
David Vaters “Find My Way” INDIE
Tina Boonstra “Talk It Over” 7Core Music
After Grace “Simple Things” INDIE
Melanie Waldman “Our Father” INDIE
Building 429 “Different” 3rd Wave

Jason Fowler “Soldier of Love” INDIE
The Cashmans “Burn” Fuel Music
Matt Redman “Upon Him” Integrity Music
Vaughn Owens “The Anchor” INDIE
Shawna Cain “I Am A Spirit” INDIE
Ambaco Rising “These Are The Days” INDIE
Chris Liverman “And I Will Say” INDIE
Whitlee Casey “Wake Me Up” INDIE
Lawrence Hancock “Ride” LV Productions
Skylee Shea “Drowning” BMG
Laura Kaczor “Forever” INDIE
Skillet “This Is The Kingdom” Fair Trade
Love & The Outcome “Moving On” Word Curb

Erica Ray “At Home Now (Holy, Holy, Holy)” INDIE
Rick Lee James “Love Our Enemies” INDIE
weRcalled “Upside Down” INDIE
Jason Fowler “Soldier of Love” INDIE
Jonny Diaz “Your Love Feels Like Home” Centricity Music
Austin French “Wake Up Sleeper” Fair Trade

Charles Billingsley “Sing For My Soul” StowTown
Manafest “Wake Me Up” INDIE
Charles Davids “Put it On God” INDIE
Candace Sutter “Open Up for Us the Gates of Heaven” INDIE
Bonray “I Am” Dream Records
!Audacious Worship “Miracle Worker” INDIE
Matthew Tuck (ft. Christon Gray) “Life With You” INDIE
Reviving Dayvid “On The Edge” NashTown
Caitie Hurst “Yours” Centricity Music
Josh Baldwin “Evidence” Bethel Music

Sons Of New York “Jesus Was A Person Of Color” INDIE
Howmiq “Better and Better Day” INDIE
Nicole Spowart “He Is Faithful” TMA Media
Judson Roy “HOPE” INDIE
Jenna Parr “Those Eyes” INDIE
North Point Worship “O What A Miracle” Centricity Music
Anna Waters “Every Need” INDIE
Inga ft Nhlanhla Mhlongo “Qamata” Universal South Africa
Rebecca St. James “Battle is the Lord’s” INDIE

Paul Good “Higher Hope” Logomotion
Steve Bridgmon “If You Believe It” Skydancer
Matthew A. Butter “You Are A Friend” INDIE
Kate Stanford “Undivided” INDIE
Rachael Mann “Control” INDIE
The Afters “Lightning” Fair Trade

Stacy Lugo “Live My Life” TMA Media
CrutchfieldtheBand “Sound” INDIE
Marie Ginefanyi “Cool Daddy” INDIE
V Squad “Mission” INDIE
Bomray “Who Am I” Dream Records
Judson Roy “HOPE” INDIE
Sidewalk Prophets “Chosen” Curb Word
Judy Collins & The Global Virtual Choir “Amazing Grace” Rhino
Sanctus Real “Today Tomorrow & Forever” Fair Trade

Jordan Feliz “Glorify” Centricity Music
Caitie Hurst “Yours” Centricity Music
UNSECRET feat. Sam Tinnesz “Better Together” INDIE
LouAnn Lee “Standing on the Rock” INDIE
David Vaters “Questions” INDIE
Michael O’Brien “Crown Him” INDIE
Forsaken Hero and weRcalled “Drop Your Chains” INDIE
Reviving Dayvid “On The Edge” INDIE

We Are Messengers & Mali Music “LOVE” (reimagined) Curb l Word Entertainment
Kyle Guisande “Without Reasons” INDIE
Zachary Ray “Eyes on You” INDIE
Julz Savard “Stop Trying To Keep What You’re Fighting For” INDIE
Larry Barrett and Phyturs For Christ “Never Give Up” INDIE
Matt Redman “Upon Him” Integrity Music
Throwback Kid “Love The People” 7Core Music
Josh Wilson “Revolutionary” Black River Christian

Christon Gray “See You Soon” INDIE
Liz Bailey “Better” INDIE
Scott Rasco “You are Mine” INDIE
Jeremy Riley “Freedom” INDIE
Taylor Vaden “New Season” INDIE
Amor Wonder “You’re With Me” INDIE
Ellie Holcomb “Constellations” Full Heart Music
Leilani “Amazing Grace” INDIE
Charles Parker “When Jesus Calls” INDIE
Jordan St. Cyr “Fires” INDIE
Aaron Cole f/Terrian “Only U” Gotee Records

Carlos Scott “Amen Anthem” INDIE
Lizi Bailey “Because of Love” INDIE
Evelyn Cormier “In The Garden” INDIE
Cade Thompson “”Provider” Dirty Rice Remix” Red Street
Planetshakers “I Remember” INDIE
Guryel Ali “Look Up” INDIE
Brandon Lake “We Praise You” Bethel Music

Francesca Battistelli “This Could Change Everything” Curb | Word
Fred Spencer “In Times Like These” Nashtown Entertainment
Richard Lynch “Starting Now” MTS
Jeremy Benjamin “Glory Train” True North Records
Fishburn “The Flame” INDIE
Holly Halliwell “Your Love” INDIE
Earl Bynum “Safe In His Arms” Revival Music Company
Ayiesha Woods “Family” INDIE
Skylee Shea “Drowning” INDIE
Robert Gugliuzza “Love To Cope” INDIE
Nu Blu “Jesus Loves You” MC1 Nashville
Tammy Renee “No One Will Ever Love You” MC1 Nashville
Sha’ Cross “Unspeakable Joy” MC1 Nashville
Goldy Locks “All To You” MC1 Nashville
Matthew Edrington “Look Up” MC1 Nashville
Woody Bradshaw “Why You’d Even Try” MC1 Nashville
Housefires feat. Kirby Kaple “I’ll Give Thanks” INDIE
Courtnie Ramirez “Who We Are” Gotee Records
Elias Dummer “Echoing Holy” INDIE

Unspoken “You’ve Always Been” Centricity Music
Anna Benton “The Story” INDIE
Mark Tedder “Keep Singing” INDIE
Taylor Vaden “Covered” INDIE
Steven Curtis Chapman (feat. Brad Paisley, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Lauren Alaina)
“Together (We’ll Get Through This)” INDIE
Cherie Brennan “Songs Of Comfort From Cherie Brennan” MC! Nashville
David Vaters “Freed From Jail” INDIE
Melanie Waldman “The Glory is The Lord’s Feat. CityAlight” INDIE
Rob Mayes “Didn’t Do This On My Own” INDIE
Darrin Charles “What Have I Done” INDIE
Draylin Young “New” INDIE
Wande “Be The Light” Reach Records
DJ MAJ (Toby Mac’s Diverse City Band) “Feel Again” INDIE

Skillet “Save Me” Fair Trade Services
Sam and Christin Hart “Never Alone” INDIE
Kathleen Carnali “2020 (Strangely Dim)” Goodtree Records
Jonathan McReynolds & Mali Music “Movin’ On” entertainment One
Rachael Mann “Control” INDIE
Jodi Essex “Symphony” Loula Street Music

Andrew Kurtz “Mile After Mile” Revival Music Company
Tasha Page-Lockhart “Why Not Me” INDIE
Chevelle Franklyn “Go In Your Strength” INDIE
Scarlet Fade “Elohai” INDIE
Charles Parker “When Jesus Calls” INDIE
Jenn Bostic “Wrapped” INDIE
Laura Kaczor “Rain Down” INDIE
Greg Hudik “Thank You God For The Gift Of Music” INDIE
Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (GFM) “Taking Over” INDIE

Dan Bremnes “The Way” Curb Word
Lauren Daigle “Still Rolling Stones” Centricity Music
Melanie Waldman “Look What Love Has Done feat. Michael Farren” INDIE
Jodi Essex “Stand Up” INDIE
Shelby Grace “Can’t Imagine” INDIE
Anitra Bratcher “J29 Eleven” INDIE
Men Of Worship “Even Now” TMA Media
Sam Butler “Its A Different World Now” Revival Music Company
Shelby Blondell “It’ll Be Okay” INDIE

Natalie Grant “My Weapon” Curb l Word
Greg Hudik “Thank You God For The Gift Of Music” Platinum Records Nashville
Thomas Rhett “Be A Light” Valory Music
KJ-52 “God Is Good” INDIE
Laura Kaczor “Rain Down” Indie
Anna Waters “Sunshine” 5ive

Elevation Rhythm “Better With You” 55 Promotion
Melinda Isley “Crazy” Revival Music Company
Apollo LTD “You” Centricity Music
Hulvey “Anchor” Reach Records
weRcalled “Upside Down” INDIE
Until Completion “Greater than my Obstacles” INDIE
Corey Lueck “I Was Created” INDIE
Mike Rathke “Every Era” INDIE
Branan Murphy “I Will Wait” Dream Records

Matty Mullins “No Hold On Me” Black River Christian
Stars Go Dim “It’s Gonna Get Better” Curb Word
Band Reeves “Come Rest” Desert Rock
G.L.O. (God’s Love Only) “No Weapon Formed” INDIE
Scott Chandler “Again (Featuring Wazer)” INDIE
DJ Standout ft. Evan Ford “Be There” INDIE
Melanie Waldman “Heaven Coming Down Feat. Alisa Turner” INDIE
The Worship Coalition “Good” INDIE
Adelaide Featuring JJ Weeks “My Miracle” INDIE
Manafest “Wake Me Up” INDIE
Ian Yates “The Unknowing” 7Core
Colton Dixon “Miracles” Fair Trade

Mark Tedder “Hurry Up” 7Core
Transform “Tongues Of Angels” Deeplife Records
Harvey Perdue “I’m Takin’ My Country Back” Copper Lily
Brooke Robertson “Taking My Voice Back” INDIE
Skylee Shea “Drowning” Encore Records
We Are Leo (feat. Elizabeth Grace) “IWKY” Dream Records
Stephen McWhirter “Grave Clothes” 55 Promotion

J. Douglas Wright “Blindspot” Mama’s Hippopotamus Music
Terretta Storm “Take Me Home” White Lion Audio
Timothy Davis “Run To You” INDIE
Corey Lueck “I Was Created” INDIE
Michael Richard Stosic “I Thank You” INDIE
Tina Boonstra “Out Of My Depth” INDIE
Cherie Brennan “You Be The Light” MC1 Nashville
Carissa Biele “Easier Said Than Done” INDIE
Mark Tedder “Stay” INDIE

Blanca “Shattered” Curb| Word Entertainment
Cade Thompson “Provider” Red Street Records
Melinda Isley “Stay In The Fight” revival Music Company
O’Cean Hill “Now Is The Time” INDIE
Hope Darst “Peace Be Still” Fair Trade Services
Mike Rathke “O Lord You’re Beautiful” INDIE

Anna Benton “The Story” INDIE
Emmanuel Abengowe “Send Me (I’ll Go)” INDIE
Saint Dru “Salvation Album” INDIE
Lincoln Brewster “Who Am I?” Integrity Music
Jason Fowler “Freedom” INDIE
Joshua Micah “Moving Through Me” 55 Promotion

We Are Messengers “Love (Won’t Let Go)” Curb Word Entertainment
Hannah Kerr “Ordinary” Black River Christian
Sheri Lynn Riley “Unseen, Not Unknown” INDIE
Rayon Baugh “My Heart Belongs To You” INDIE
Samuel Day “Spotlight” INDIE
Switch “Count Me In” Dream Records
Cynthia Knight “Your Name” INDIE
Cash Creek “Jesus Saved Me” Copper Lily
Mickey Turner “Voices” INDIE
Allan Scott Band “Fearless (feat. Charisah)” Found & Favored

Brad Alden “Good Day” INDIE
Chelsea Nogas “Holding on to You” INDIE
Lionel Green “My Everything” INDIE
John Schlitt “Feel It” INDIE
Ross Crawford “Firm Foundation” INDIE
Jeff Arrandale “To the Great I Am” INDIE
Andrew Marcus “Take All Of Me” INDIE
Daryl Boyer “Washed In The Blood” NNS Records
Forsaken Hero “I Will – Neon Feather Remix” INDIE
Jaime Masetta “Heal Me” INDIE
Alenka Manka “The Hands of Jesus” Revival Music Company
Pastor AJ Beech & Greater Anointed “No One Like You” Revival Music Company