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Music industry Vets Form Intercept Music

Music industry vet Ralph Tashjian announced today a partnership with Seattle-based technologies investor, entrepreneur and software engineer Tod Turner to form Intercept Music, a software suite for artists to grow their brands and get their music noticed in the crowded marketplace of streaming and digital downloads.

“There is great artist demand for ways to break through the crowded music marketplace, with nearly 12 million independent artists and bands across all genres competing for earspace,” said Intercept Music CEO Tod Turner. “While music distributors have made the releasing of music easier, there is a big difference between just getting your product out there and actually getting your music noticed, and that is where Intercept Music comes in.”

Intercept Music’s highly organized tools and artist-focused systems empower musicians to build quality fan bases in a short time, leaving them more time to focus on their art. The cornerstone of Intercept Music is its sophisticated social media scheduling system, which not only integrates posts across multiple social networks, but also offers a balance of content to keep the fan base engaged and growing. The powerful software also enables artists to market music, promote shows and sell merchandise, as well as connect to industry professionals, all at the touch of a button.

“We’re a tech company with the soul of an artist,” adds Intercept Music Chairman Ralph Tashjian, “We haven’t left out the need for people-to-people communication, as we are in the process of staffing brand ambassadors and music pros to advise artists in every format: Rock, Pop, Country, Hip Hop, Alternative, Christian, Gospel, Reggae, Latin, Jazz and Americana.”

Intercept Music was birthed from an industry market study which included a survey of potential end users, from established acts on major labels to indie artists with social media followings of 500 or fewer. The company’s strategy has been formed by industry experts with collective decades of experience with marketing and promoting and labels, down to independent artists.

From indie artists who prefer to focus on their music to a label handling a roster of artists, Intercept Music offers strategic services to simplify the way brand marketing is executed, on a monthly subscription-based model.

The founders of Intercept Music bring extensive experience and world-class success in both music marketing and software development. Tod Turner has been developing software solutions for more than 40 years, seeing a need and fulfilling it through systems and technology. His entrepreneurial journey includes multiple software patents whose technologies have sold to major accounts including the United States military, and have been used by Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp and more than 80 other companies. Ralph Tashjian has four decades of expertise in making hit music as a record promoter, marketer, industry executive and icon. He built careers of worldwide artists for major labels including MCA/Universal, Motown and Island Records before starting his own companies including SMC Recordings and most recently, Digital Music Universe.