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More Joy For Orlando?

UPDATE 4/18/21

HisAir received this statement from WPOZ CEO/President Jim Hoge: “In the last 24 hours we have become aware that Radio Training Network, Inc. (RTN,) the licensee of WCIE “The Joy FM” in New Port Richey (Tampa) FL, has purchased a signal in our coverage area.  Therefore, for us to rebrand to the same name would be greatly detrimental to their ministry.  With that said, Z88.3 will remain Z88.3 for the foreseeable future.  We welcome RTN to our coverage area and look forward to a robust competition between brethren.”

HisAir has learned that Radio Training Network (RTN) is acquiring Spanish format WNUE/Deltona, FL (98.1) from Entravision. WNUE is a Class C2 50kw at 495 ft with a signal reaching Orlando’s east side. 

Unconfirmed reports are that RTN plans to flip the station to its “The JOY FM” on Monday which would put the station head to head with longtime CCM WPOZ/Orlando (Z88.3). WPOZ is a full Class C, 100,000 watt powerhouse from its owned 1,600 foot tower in the Orlando Tower Farm. The total reach of all WPOZ stations are 4.77 million in city grade signal.

On Friday HisAir exclusively reported news that WPOZ planned to rebrand the station. That has again been confirmed with WPOZ CEO Jim Hoge who says the the rebranding is a business decision. Will the rebranded WPOZ include “Z” or “Joy” or both? We’ll find out Monday at 12:01 AM. 

RTN has registered joy883.com, and is promoting a “Family Meeting” on the air Monday morning.

WPOZ, according to Hoge, has grabbed joy883.org, FindJoyOrlando.com, JoyOrlando.org and other domains. In addition Hoge says they have numerous billboards supporting the rebranding with “Joy”. None of the other WPOZ properties including, La Z (Spanish), Z Rewind, will be affected by the rebranding of the 4 full power “Z” stations including Ocala.

Stay tuned it appears this story is only beginning!



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